Love to knit? Have a knitting blog? Not too busy? A working giveaway
Wiley Eats

Starting tomorrow, everything will change

Ok, not everything. But if you subscribe to this blog, you might want to update your readers tomorrow because... will be my landing page. will be my blog (nothing there yet, though).

But if you subscribe to in a reader, that should still work just fine.

I haven't picked the winner of the giveaway yet, but I will try to notify her by this evening, Tuesday evening at the very latest. I have picked the winner and emailed her. If this goes well I'm sure I will do it again soon, so please check back!

Today I'm dyeing wool and V and I are collaborating on the sequel to our (very) short (4-page) book, The Cat and the Person Play Together. She draws some pictures, I draw what she tells me to draw, and I write the story from her dictation. So much fun for us both!

I hope you have a wonderful Monday as well!


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Christina Bieloh

Would love to see the book you guys create! Can't wait to see what the person you chose does with your yarn too! I know it will be beautiful!


We're totally into authoring and illustrating books over here too!


Very cool!

And I would also love to read The Cat and The Person Play Together!

Sandra Olensky

Hey Maya,

I FINALLY signed up for a knitting class at The Whole Nine Yards and begin this Saturday. I can't wait to figure all this stuff out so I can purchase some of your sultry and scrumptious yarn I've been seeing for so long and could only admire from afar.

Hope you guys are doing well! R's bday is coming up (just a couple days before mine!)

Love and hugs to all!


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