Since it's Caturday...
A collaboration

Tagged, oh my!

The lovely Kyong at Cheeky Tart's Dumb Blog (I didn't name it!) tagged me. So I'm it.

1- What’s your staple meal (i.e. what meal do you cook most often when you can’t be bothered to be adventurous)?


2- What do you want to be when you grow up?

A famous fiberista. A photographer would be nice too.

3- What book are you reading at the moment (if any)

I'm really not. I should be. I read The Historian recently. At first I was like what the heck is this? But then I dug it and I'm sorry it's over.

4- How do you relax?

You want the truth? I rarely get to do this, but my favorite way to relax is to lay down and focus on pretty much nothing for as long as I like. Sometimes there's coffee involved. I'm pretty sure that this is what I spent my 20s doing. I didn't get much else accomplished though.

5- What color are the interior walls of your home?

A medium, boring brown in the living/dining/hall area. Olive green in the kitchen. The bedroom is supposed to be gray but it's not yet (will look better than it sounds. it'd better, anyway). V's room is purple. The downstairs is celery green. The fiber room is pink. Out of all those, V's room is the only one we've painted. We've got a lot of work to do, huh?

6- What is your guiltiest pleasure?

Ice cream. Zoning out to crime dramas (The Mentalist is my favorite at the moment).

7- What time is bedtime and getting up time?

Bedtime is usually sometime between midnight and 1am. I get up around 6:45am. Why yes, I am chronically tired - why do you ask?

8- How long do you spend reading blogs (per day or per week)?

Not very long anymore. I used to spend a good hour or so reading them every day (maybe more), but I don't have that much time right now. So, maybe an hour a week on a good week. But I love blogs. I think it's awesome that I don't have to listen to "the experts." I can listen to whoever I want.

Are you reading this? Yes? Then tag - you're it!


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hi maya! aw, thanks for playing in the tag! ;) I loved learning more about you. hope you're having a great summer. we do miss you in twitterland. I sometimes think I should give myself a twitter break too - not sure if it's helping or hindering my creative process either. take care--kyong


Ditto to all of the above! I think my favorite question to read about is what colors people have in their homes.

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