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V's gone viral

A couple of weeks go I got an email from the nice folks at youtube telling me that one of my videos of V had gone viral and did I want to put ads on it? I said yes - I doubt it'll earn enough for the college fund, but I just really wanted to see what it was like. You hear about youtube videos going viral but I certainly never thought it would happen to me.

At 20k+ views, it's not exactly a blockbuster but it's been fun to watch the numbers go up. want to see it? It's a video of V playing with a wooden alphabet puzzle . I got her the puzzle because I had the idea that it might be easier to learn your letters if you could actually manipulate them with your hands. No idea if that would work for every kid, but V had them down easily by 18-months-old.

It's not even funny! And here I thought only the funny ones went viral!


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Oh my gosh!!! That is so cool! Yay for V and her video! I love her tiny little 18 month old voice!

Beth and william

That is so great!
My little guy is Montessori too and I am stunned at how much their little minds can absorb and learn if you teach them and let them learn the right way.


Lovely and great!
I think you are really proud of her! :)

Thanks for teaching to a very old italian girl the proper way to read "x", "k" and "z" in English ;)

In this video she says "u" in a way that sounds close to the way Italians read "u".

Dani (Pumpkinhaus)

I love it!!!! Rowan was the same way... we worked on colors, letters and numbers. She knew them all by about the same age!! lol.. Cael on the other hand... heh heh, shows no interest! He plays along, but it is only for my benefit. poo. lol...

rachel whetzel

I remember that video!! SO COOL!


I remember it too! Sweet baby. Amazing what their little minds can absorb, if you just give them opportunity!


way cool!!


I think this is a wonderful video on how early kids can learn things! Aidan knew his letters by 21 months thanks to those bathtub letters we played with!

Very cool, Maya!



Sandra Olensky

I'm always amazed by V and how easily learning comes to her. Although, with parents like you guys, I really shouldn't be surprised. Good Job Maya!


V is viral! Very cool.


So, so fun! I really wish I recorded more when my girl was little. Trying to make up for lost time with the other two.

Love that sweet baby voice on V!


This is adorable!!

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