Happy Caturday!
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Bees & giveaway(s)!!

I think we had the best day ever today! We took a day trip to Chattanooga. We saw some bees along the way. I'm going to share a few more photos once I go through all (629) of them.

v Chattanooga 037

And Tonya is holding a giveaway on her blog, Plain and Joyful Living. She knitted an adorable baby vest from the yarn she won in my last giveaway and now she's giving the vest away - how gracious and lovely she is! So if you're having a baby soon or know someone who is, head on over to enter!

v Chattanooga 034

So I think I'll have another contest. I'm looking for someone who has a blog where you talk at least occasionally about the things you're knitting/crocheting. You must be willing to knit/crochet something from my yarn using a pattern that can be found on the Internet (free or not) and blog about it within a month's time. If that sounds just like you, leave me a comment and I'll pick a winner to get a free skein of yarn. I know which one I'd pick (my new favorite)!

v Chattanooga 019

Sound good? Just leave me a comment. I'll close comments sometime on Friday, July 16th (both my anniversary and my Etsyversary!) and announce the winner as soon as possible after. International contestants are welcome!


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Christina Bieloh

You know I'd love to do this! I am still knitting and blogging my way through The Joy of Sox. Actually, I have a sock pattern in the book coming up that requires some worsted weight yarn - I think 220 yards or so. Say! Perfect! :) I'd love to blog about it and you. (but wait - oops need to read more carefully, my pattern is not on the internet - it's in a book.)

Regardless - no giveaway necessary - I really enjoy following your blog!


I'm throwing my hat in the ring, but I hope for the sake of your gorgeous yarn that someone with more knitting and crocheting talent wins!


i love your yarns! fingers crossed!


ooooh i hope i win!!! :)

telma costa

omg! i've officially crossed all my fingers and toes! it will hurt to hold it till friday but i REALLY hope i win! Sweetgum is beyond gorgeous!!! yay!!!!


gorgeous! would love to knit something in this amazing yarn (and it's super-timely, as i'm not overhwelmed by loads of other projects)!

great giveaway:)


I think I shall try it too :) I just adore the colours of your yarn!!!!

Mousy Brown

I don't know what I would knit but I am always up for a challenge! I am international too if that helps! :D

Heather S.

Would love to this i have already start one project with your yarn... I would love to crochet with that gorgeous sweetgum yarn. most of the things i make go on my Loves2Design Blog, which feeds into both my twitter and facebook accounts :D I would even post it in ravelry groups where it appropriately belongs :D.


What a fun idea! I'd love to win as it would spur me on to be more faithful to my blog. Congrats on your anniversary & Etsyversary too


Yay!!! :D


I would love to win this and have some more fun yarn to work with. Love that sweetgum!

Rhonda G

Oooh what a lovely idea.....create something gorgeous and pass it on! r


Yay I love contests!


Ohh I would love to do this! I am always looking for more wool yarn, I knit for charities. :)

Here's my blog: http://www.caffeinatedfrenzy.blogspot.com


Amazing photos! Happy Anniversary and Etsyversary!


Yeah, finally the flying bee! These shots are way better than mines, I'm getting jealous! ;P

Happy anniversary and Etsyversary!
Sorry for the delay!

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