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One of my lovely customers asked me about a custom order - a 2-ply yarn with dark blue and turquoise for one strand and greens with a bit of yellow for the other. The idea I was going for is seaweed.

wakame 001

So I spun up the blue & turquoise pretty thin.

wakame 002

And the greens/yellow I spun thin but with really bulky bits.

wakame 003

Then I plied it together.


I love it! I want some of my own & V wants some of her own too. What fun it was to spin.

The fountain

Yay for water on a hot day! These are more pictures from our trip to the park in Chattanooga.

Chattanooga 504

Don't you love fountains like this? I wish we had one in my small town. There's one sort of nearby, but the annoyance of Atlanta traffic has kept us away so far.

Chattanooga 420

We should've brought a change of clothes for the adults too.

Chattanooga 494

Such a pretty park in such a pretty city! And of course this led to V's favorite game.

Chattanooga 512

Jumping into her dad's arms.

Chattanooga 556


A carousel with cats

Last weekend we were looking for something to do and R hit on the idea of going to a local mall that has a merry-go-round. V said she wanted a merry-go-round with cats. 

v Chattanooga 121

We told her we weren't sure about finding one of those, but we'd find something fun to do.

R found Coolidge Park in Chattanooga, TN. It's a really pretty park with lots of cool things to do on a hot day.

v Chattanooga 128

It's by the river...

v Chattanooga 150

...and has lots of pretty green space.

v Chattanooga 157

And an indoor carousel - $1 a ride.

v Chattanooga 211

And the carousel had two cats.

v Chattanooga 168

V rode 4 times. Or was it 5?

v Chattanooga 173

It was a beautiful carousel with so much detail.

v Chattanooga 218

R and I kept saying that we wish there were a park like this near where we live. Or that we could move to Chattanooga.

v Chattanooga 276

I miss Tennessee.

Bees & giveaway(s)!!

I think we had the best day ever today! We took a day trip to Chattanooga. We saw some bees along the way. I'm going to share a few more photos once I go through all (629) of them.

v Chattanooga 037

And Tonya is holding a giveaway on her blog, Plain and Joyful Living. She knitted an adorable baby vest from the yarn she won in my last giveaway and now she's giving the vest away - how gracious and lovely she is! So if you're having a baby soon or know someone who is, head on over to enter!

v Chattanooga 034

So I think I'll have another contest. I'm looking for someone who has a blog where you talk at least occasionally about the things you're knitting/crocheting. You must be willing to knit/crochet something from my yarn using a pattern that can be found on the Internet (free or not) and blog about it within a month's time. If that sounds just like you, leave me a comment and I'll pick a winner to get a free skein of yarn. I know which one I'd pick (my new favorite)!

v Chattanooga 019

Sound good? Just leave me a comment. I'll close comments sometime on Friday, July 16th (both my anniversary and my Etsyversary!) and announce the winner as soon as possible after. International contestants are welcome!

Things I saw this weekend, part 3

A pretty hotel.


With a terrible tub (hard to shower when you're holding the drain stopper lever down with your toe) but excellent beds (and an indoor/outdoor pool that V loved).


V and I went looking for the 13th floor, but it was instead the 14th floor (just as I suspected). The elevator wouldn't let us up to the 14th floor, so we stopped at the 11th and looked out the window.


Georgia Diner, where they have the most wonderful homefries ever in the history of the world.


And interesting decor.


V had her first Belgian waffle, which she has not stopped talking about since. She filled every pocket with syrup, using almost all of it.


And that's what I saw this weekend. We didn't go to fireworks - too tired! Next year...

P.S. I'm having a shop(s) update tomorrow so I made a video of some of the yarns that will be there, if you'd like to see them.

Things I saw this weekend, part 2

China House


When I was a kid, this is where we ate a lot of Chinese food. It's closed now. It was one of those things I took for granted would always be there. Not that it was that great - I really don't remember either way. It just was there for a long time.

And now it's not.

I'm pretty sure that there was a restaurant there before China House, but I can't remember what it was.

All by herself

I just gave V a bunch of wool and let her go at the drum carder this morning.

carding 020

She's doing little tiny bits at a time so she can turn the handle all by herself.

carding 028

She wants me to spin her a little mini-skein for her collection.

carding 031

Can't wait to see what it's going to look like! She really is doing it all by herself.

carding 039

Should be interesting - she put a giant hunk of red firestar in the middle of it.