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August 2010

Three bags full

I have a pile of yarn for my next shop update. I just took pictures today. Pictures of twenty yarns. I have a twin set, a pumpkin yarn, two that look like they should match but don't (one's darker/one's lighter), one that I think I want to name Platypus, two with chartreuse, and one 2-ply.

Three bags full

I have 600 photos to go through and pick three for each of them to edit. Once I finish that, I'll be able to put them in the shop. Oh how I'd like to have that done for tomorrow! But it might be Monday before I can get all my loose ends woven in.

non pattern

I've also been working on the solution to a problem. A "how much yarn would it take to knit this?" kind of a problem.  I should finally have an answer to that soon. And I've made a pair of fingerless mitts. I've been a mighty busy fiberista in this heavy August heat.

Here's to cooler weather!

Marble Run Digestion

The marble run was a Christmas present from Santa.


I mainly stay out of it - I've never been that good at building things.


But R and V make all sorts of modifications.


They like to make a "leap of death" for the marbles. It's awesome when it works.


Yesterday we raced our marbles.


So much fun. Yesterday V was calling it the Marble Run Digestion, likening the marble run to a digestive track.


We love our marble run.

Trying the raw food diet

No, not me. Though I'm sure I should, at least for a while. But for my cat, Grace. She has the "beginnings" of kidney disease. It's not uncommon in cats; it's what Wylie had, though we didn't know until it was too late.

There are all sorts of fillers and sub-par foods used to make the pet foods you buy at the grocery store. Even the higher priced ones, which is what Grace has eaten all her life. Yeah, I know she's 16. But once I started reading about it, I knew that I couldn't just let her get worse and worse until the end.

I mean, that is what will likely happen, but maybe I can do something about it. Slow it down. Make it less painful for her. Something.

Drink up

She drinks water like crazy. This is really your first clue to an animal with kidney disease. She prefers it straight out of the sink or from your glass. So I'm often found putting her on the sink (she can't jump up anymore) or putting her back on the floor or fixing her a glass of water and holding it for her to drink (lest she knock it over, which she enjoys doing).

For her a raw diet is ground chicken or turkey, rice, assorted vitamins, oil, eggs, taurine. No, it shouldn't make her sick to eat raw meat. I got the recipe and information from Dr. Pitcairn's book and website. He's been doing this a long time and says he's never seen a pet get sick from eating raw meat - that's what they're supposed to eat, right? If a person can go raw or vegan and shed her type 2 diabetes, then I would think a cat could eat a raw diet and also improve her health.

At least that's what I'm hoping. I'm not fool enough to think she's going to live another five years, but you never know. The only problem so far is getting her to eat it. I'm sure that, just like people, when you eat enough processed food, healthy food doesn't seem so tasty. But I'm going to continue to work on it.

Just call me crazy cat lady; that's fine with me.

Last night I couldn't sleep. Grace was snuggled up with me, as usual. I wrapped my arms around her and put my head on her back. She rested her head in the crook of my elbow. She purred. PURRPURRPURRPURR PURRPURRPURRPURR purrpurrpurrpurr purrpurrpurrpurr purr purr purr purr p u r r purr p u r r purr p u r r ... p u r r ... p u r r ... p ...

Have you ever listened to a cat fall asleep? It's lovely and so relaxing.

On the lighter side, V tweeted this for me yesterday while I wasn't looking. I've been laughing about it ever since. Has a certain Lolcats quality to it, yes?

Tomorrow is 8.9.10

Wow. Life is busy, yes?

Today I'm shooting photos for tomorrow's shop update

I have blog posts in my head, but no time to get them out. I need to write them in my beloved Moleskine (thanks, Alexis!) so I won't forget.

V hands 279

I've been dreaming of zombies. That we were in a car and V was driving and we were hoping not to get infected (I blame the recession).

v taking photos

I've been dreaming of elevators - escorting people into them, pressing the button, but having the stairs I'm standing on descend instead (I blame Inception).

V hands 286

I've been spinning my little fingers off (a sport weight 2-ply! I'm so excited - my thinnest 2-ply ever!) and feeling the growing pains that have hit me since I decided to bring the yarn photos inside (I blame the heat of summer).

I know I'll work the kinks out eventually so I'm just taking deep breaths until then. I can only learn through doing. And redoing. And then some more doing.

v is helping

Today I had help with my photo session. Tomorrow I'll be listing 20 new yarns in the shop.

A KAL for September - on sale today!

UPDATE: All sold out! A big thank you to all who will be participating.


So, Alecia from madbird & I are doing our first-ever knitalong!

KAL 006

We've got a great pattern - the Chunky Twisted Cowl from Jennifer at JayKayKnits.

KAL 001

The yarn will be super bulky - it'll knit up mighty quick!

KAL 002

The kits go on sale today at 10am - just 10 available. The kits will ship out by August 30th and the KAL will begin September 6th, lasting through the 30th.

KAL 003

I'll have five kits for sale in my shop and Alecia will have five kits in hers. We'll be discussing the KAL and sharing photos in this thread in Alecia's Ravelry group.

We'd love to have you join us!