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October 2010

Happy Halloween!

Happy Halloween!

Here's our pumpkin, Cat in Boot.

v Halloween 2010 025

V was a dalmatian this year. Her name is Spot.

v Halloween 2010 006

The neighbors had their annual haunted yard. The screams have been delightful.

v Halloween 2010 020

We got lots of trick or treaters.

v Halloween 2010 045

v Halloween 2010 047

v Halloween 2010 059

Hope your Halloween was delicious!

Turning five

This coming Thursday is V's birthday.

v backyard 022

She'll be 5.

v backyard 091

Lately she's enjoyed hearing stories of when she was a baby.

v backyard 058

Tonight as I was putting her to bed she asked me what she looked like as a baby. I told her that I would show her pictures tomorrow.

Where does the time go?

v backyard 100

v backyard 101

v backyard 102

My sweet, smart & funny girl.

v backyard 110

Pensive, deep, vibrant -

v backyard 133

- like the colors of sunrise.

v backyard 120

I love V.

Roving, for spinners

I've decided to sell my hand-dyed roving again, just in time for fall spinning. Because, well, these things happen. (I'm hatching a plan, as usual.)

I've just put a few braids in my Etsy shop. The first one is called Waving Woods. It's the colors of an autumn wood: a firey orange-red, burnt orange, dark brown & olive. I got the name from an Anne Bronte poem that recalls summer, not fall, but I still thought the name fit.

Waving Woods

I also have a yarn spun up in this colorway.

This next colorway is called All the Pretty Horses, after the book of the same title by Cormac McCarthy. I've had this one in my head for a while - a wild horse-inspired colorway - & I love it. 

All the Pretty Horses

I'm also going to do a few semi-solids for folks who might like to make a 2-ply yarn (might also be good for felters...hmmm...), so this one, Kohl, coordinates with All the Pretty Horses.


And that's where I'm headed this fine day. I'll still be spinning, though, never fear. I'm working on my next big shop update right now!

Cuppa Ikea

On Caturday we went to Ikea, just for fun. Somehow, through the magic that is Ikea, all three of us enjoy going there so we seem to find an excuse to make it over once every month or two.

Cuppa Ikea 002

They had these pretty green cups for 59 cents each. So we got 4 of them.

Cuppa Ikea 001

V wanted to be different, as per her usual, so she got a white one.

I'm already looking forward to hot chocolate and marshmallows in them this winter.