Happy Halloween!

A bit of knitting

So I dyed up some Merino wool in what was supposed to be kelly green. It was a new-to-me dye and I thought that it'd make a good Christmas yarn. But it was more neon than I thought it'd be and I decided maybe it wasn't so good for a Christmas yarn. So it sat for a while alongside some wool that I dyed brighter pink than I intended.

One night I took some of this neon green wool & spun it really thin. Then I took some more and spun it thick and thin. And I took some bright pink and spun it thick and thin. Then I plied each of them with the really thin green.

v outside in her new hat 074

I measured V's noggin and knitted a small swatch out of the pink/green to figure out how many stitches to cast on and then I knitted her a hat. When I got done, I decided it needed something at the top, so I spun some more thinnish yarn from the leftover green and made a pom.

v outside in her new hat 022

The rest of the green wool, I spun as a regular thick & thin and put it in my shop. It's just a tiny skein - about enough for a border for another hat. The pink is still sitting. Not sure what I'll do with that.

I also finished my Good Luck Cowl the other night. Love it!

Good Luck Cowl

Also, here's one answer to the question people ask me all the time - what can I make with one skein of that thick & thin yarn besides baby knits? Jennifer Kelley has a great pattern that uses it, called Beautiful Dawn. She made it with some of my yarn & I think it's just gorgeous.

Beautiful Dawn Cowl

She has this one for sale in her Etsy shop, but the pattern is for sale there as well.

Next for me I'm going to do a thick and thin with this.

v outside in her new hat 090

And I've already spun some supercoils out of it for the border.

v outside in her new hat 094

Another hat, I'm thinking. Maybe some new gloves, as the ones I knit her last year no longer really fit. I like the brights for Miss V - they really fit her personality!



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The hat is adorable!


all of these are so gorgeous! the coils are drool-inducing!


Um, that hat is seriously so dang cute. So's the model. I want to crawl on your yarn and nap. That's a good thing :)


OMG! I LOVE IT! But you know I am pink girl and the pink and green just really look fab together!


I must have some yarn in the colors of your Good Luck Cowl, but in a more bulky weight. LOVE LOVE LOVE the nubby stuff too!


Wow, the good luck cowl. Wow. It is so perfect.

Jude Cowell

a great daughter in a smashing hat!


love v's hat!!!!
it absolutely perfect!


I love that hat! My daughter would love those colors too, even though she's 20!


Goodness, V looks so grown-up! Love the pink and green. And the cowl, too, of course!

Jude Cowell

Absolutely fantastic banner/photo, Maya! Your best so far, it seems to me... ;p


beautiful! I love the colors!


What a beautiful cowl! Is that your yarn, as well? Mmm!

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