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Gotta Travel On

We avoided the mall/shops on Black Friday in favor of Liz's Antique Mall. This place is huge and has so much to look at.

We've been listening to a lot of bluegrass lately on our TV, which has a bluegrass channel. It has told us that Bill Monroe is the father of bluegrass and yet they never seem to play his music. It was only after I took this photo and downloaded it to the computer that I realized the top record is a Bill Monroe record. It's this song (this was the only video I could find, which is really a tribute to someone's dad). I'm really digging the bluegrass music.

v Liz's Antique Market 051

Of course there used to be textile mills in this area and I love it that I always find a lot of tools of the trade in the local antique shops.

A set of handcarders, used for to card cotton for spinning.

v Liz's Antique Market 013

Bobbins that look like they were used for thread. I got one of these; I want to start a collection.

v Liz's Antique Market 011

Spindles. I might have to go back and get a few of these.

v Liz's Antique Market 021

And a sheepskin, perhaps for keeping baby warm.

v Liz's Antique Market 057

I like to look at the useful things, things that were once a part of someone's everyday life.

A cigar mold.

v Liz's Antique Market 041

Not sure what this is, but it looks cool. And useful. For grinding. Or something.

v Liz's Antique Market 010

A handmade corkscrew.

v Liz's Antique Market 018

And of course I love the glassware.

This is vaseline glass, which was made with uranium oxide - it glows like this under black light. Cool and scary.

v Liz's Antique Market 052

Pretty blue and silver.

v Liz's Antique Market 015

And I adore jadeite.

v Liz's Antique Market 017

Then there's the other stuff - the stuff that's just plain fun to look at.

v Liz's Antique Market 046

v Liz's Antique Market 045

v Liz's Antique Market 032

The things we bought - a ceramic kitten, nesting dolls, a bobbin, a light-up globe, all at 20% off for Black Friday. Didn't get any Christmas shopping done, but that's ok with me.


I found a gorgeous Polaroid SX-70 at an antique store a few months ago for just about the best price imaginable. And a lovely blog reader was way too kind to send me some 600 film to go with it. You have to modify it a bit to use that film with that camera and so I finally, finally got around to doing that yesterday.


It's not really going so well. Too light, too dark, blurry, bright spots, dark spots.

But I shall keep trying until I either get it or run out of film. I might ask someone more knowledgeable if they know what else I can try.

I have an idea for a project for 2011. A photography project. I have a few film cameras and I think I'm going to use them. I wanted to learn to develop my own film, but I might have another little project going that could keep me from that for at least the next year. But we'll see. No promises.


v 135

It's been a wonderful thanksgiving week so far. I made a complete Thanksgiving dinner for 10 all by myself (my mom made the cornbread dressing & an applesauce/peach/pear crisp), including turkey (Alton Brown rules the turkey and a digital thermometer is an absolute necessity), sides, and two pies. It was good! I was proud of myself.

My brother and his wife and my mom are staying with us until tomorrow, which is also my birthday. And last night I heard something new about my grandmother - she and my mom went to see both Bill Cosby's and George Carlin's stand up way back when. And my grandmama loved it! Is that completely awesome or what? I never would've guessed!

Today we're going to an antique shop I like to visit. And we're eating leftovers. This morning I made a (steel cut) oatmeal bar with choices for everyone - peanut butter, banana, raisins, walnuts, raspberries, blueberries, brown sugar, local honey, milk, and I may be forgetting some things. It's been so nice to have a house full of family. I am most definitely thankful.

I hope your Thanksgiving has been even more wonderful than you imagined too.

A bit of knitting

So I dyed up some Merino wool in what was supposed to be kelly green. It was a new-to-me dye and I thought that it'd make a good Christmas yarn. But it was more neon than I thought it'd be and I decided maybe it wasn't so good for a Christmas yarn. So it sat for a while alongside some wool that I dyed brighter pink than I intended.

One night I took some of this neon green wool & spun it really thin. Then I took some more and spun it thick and thin. And I took some bright pink and spun it thick and thin. Then I plied each of them with the really thin green.

v outside in her new hat 074

I measured V's noggin and knitted a small swatch out of the pink/green to figure out how many stitches to cast on and then I knitted her a hat. When I got done, I decided it needed something at the top, so I spun some more thinnish yarn from the leftover green and made a pom.

v outside in her new hat 022

The rest of the green wool, I spun as a regular thick & thin and put it in my shop. It's just a tiny skein - about enough for a border for another hat. The pink is still sitting. Not sure what I'll do with that.

I also finished my Good Luck Cowl the other night. Love it!

Good Luck Cowl

Also, here's one answer to the question people ask me all the time - what can I make with one skein of that thick & thin yarn besides baby knits? Jennifer Kelley has a great pattern that uses it, called Beautiful Dawn. She made it with some of my yarn & I think it's just gorgeous.

Beautiful Dawn Cowl

She has this one for sale in her Etsy shop, but the pattern is for sale there as well.

Next for me I'm going to do a thick and thin with this.

v outside in her new hat 090

And I've already spun some supercoils out of it for the border.

v outside in her new hat 094

Another hat, I'm thinking. Maybe some new gloves, as the ones I knit her last year no longer really fit. I like the brights for Miss V - they really fit her personality!