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How we decorate our tree

So here's how we decorate our tree.

Of course there are the usual ornaments, plus a few I've gotten from my grandmother & mom. Blah blah blah, super boring whatever.

v 004

But then there are also the things that appear at V's discretion. Like the stitch markers.

v 007

What? No stitch markers on your tree? Well, how about a cat?

v 003

And another...

v 001

...and another.

v 002

Picture perfect! (they should be anyway - V asked me to sharpen their eyes in Photoshop) I say if there are no cats on your tree, you are missing out on one of the finer things in life & you should rectify your situation immediately.

Tee hee.


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Cute and FUN!


v is adorable!
hooray for cats in trees.


How fun. I haven't put a tree up yet and I'm thinking I'll have 3 cats in it also but they'll all be real. :o)


We have those kitties too! Our tree sports two cows and a penguin. They're very good at watching over our ornaments.


by the way, you said "stitch markers" and I'm studying the photo looking for magic markers with Lilo and Stitch on them. (IHATEYOUDISNEY)


Looks perfect to me! ;)

Jude Cowell

sweet! somehow i missed this post before...your tree looks magical and of course kitties make it even more festive!


Our tree this year had star wars figures strategically placed for battle. :)

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