Yarn all around
Snowy (& feeling a little lazy)

Merry Christmas!

This morning, R took V to the mall to see Santa.

V & Santa 1

We rehearsed what she wanted to say to him before they left (& I went out to do the last-minute shopping). She planned to tell him that she wants:

  • A bag of cats (stuffed are all right, but real would be better)
  • Catnip to give to the cats
  • Cat treats for the cats
  • Cat toys so she can play with the cats
  • A book on cat anatomy so she can be a vet

V & Santa 2

This afternoon, I asked her what Santa said to her when she told him she wanted a bag of cats. She said he only laughed.

Ho ho ho! Merry Christmas!


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How did she get so big?! She is growing up so fast! I bet that was the the most memorable thing someone has asked him for. LOVE her love of cats.

Jude Cowell

She looks very pretty (is that lipstick?) and grown up, and Santa looks the part more than any i've seen this year. A bag o'cats? lol!


oh she's so adorable!
how could santa not want to get her a bag of cats!?!?

happy holidays to you and your lovely family!!


Merry Christmas Lovely Hendersons!




Super cute!! Merry Christmas to you all too x


Meow. Love the blue eyes. Merry Christmas to you all and hope for a very happy new year!

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