Like bread for jam
from the Etowah Indian Mounds

Coke bottle bird feeder

The bread? Let's just say buttermilk would've tasted much better than vanilla almond milk... It is edible, we just don't really want to eat any more of it. I'll try something else another day.

This morning, V and I made a bird feeder from a Coke bottle. We got the idea from an episode of Curious George, but they used a 2-liter bottle. All I had on hand was one of those little 10-ounce bottles, so we used that.

I poked two small holes, which we pushed a chopstick through. And I cut two larger holes for the birds to eat from. Then I screwed some scrap sock yarn into the cap and we hung it from a tree.

coke bottle bird feeder

I'm hoping it's not too wobbly for them (if so, I'll adjust it) and I'm planning to take some video of the birds eating from it later.


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What a fun little project!

Jude Cowell

darling! who knew anything coke was useful in the natural world?

Mark the Birdhouse Builder

You'll be filling that coke bottle up every day. Try a milk jug!



i hope we get to see some birdies eating the seed!


fun!! we need one of those - what a great idea :)

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