from the Etowah Indian Mounds
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more from the Etowah Indian Mounds

It was very windy at the Etowah Indian Mounds. And V did a lot of running. She also met a lot of new people and gave almost all of them hugs. And several of them kisses. She was kind of happy to be there...

v Etowah Indian Mounds 031

This is the first mound, the biggest one, where the chief would've lived.

v Etowah Indian Mounds 087

This is the third mound, the smallest one, where they found a lot of interesting things like pottery shards, tools for grinding grain, and statues made of marble and painted.

v Etowah Indian Mounds 073

V on top of the second mound.

v Etowah Indian Mounds 092

The fish trap - rocks placed in an open V to corral the fish and make it easier to catch them.

v Etowah Indian Mounds 106

And my favorite picture.

v Etowah Indian Mounds 119



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wonderful pictures!
we had indian mounds on my college campus but they were no where near in size to the mounds you've shown here. very interesting.

and plus that v is just completely adorable.




total sweetness! that's a cool place. I need to get outside soon. There's still piles of nasty, dirty, slushy snow on the ground. Come on spring! Your pictures make me itchy to send the kids running in fields.


Very Cool, love the shot of V and R!


Sweetness indeed! Looks a lot warmer there!


Love that last picture but you need to get in front of the camera once in awhile!

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