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Much ado

I'm keeping busy this winter, how about you?

I'm saving my yarn scraps for any birds that might need them this spring.

today i'm saving yarn for bird nests

I'm preparing myself for what might happen once a certain book of baby knits comes out and one of my handspun yarns is inside, a small part of one pattern.

I'm gearing up for the KAL that went on sale today and all the dyeing I hope to be doing for it - and the knitting of it, which will be my very first shawl (exciting!).

KAL yarns

I'm dreaming of spring and spring colors...and cookies.

I'm cooking from a new cookbook and enjoying it (especially the eggplant curry!).

I'm looking for knit/crochet designers to work with (are one? ...know any?).

I'm reading mythology with my 5-year-old.



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oooh the birdies in your neighborhood are going to have the most beautiful, colorful homes!

Kristi aka FiberFool

Ooo, I love your bowl of scraps! So colorful and pretty!

Sosae Caetano

Lovely KAL, Maya! (And saving the yarn bits for the birdies is super-awesome...) :)

Kathryn | Alpacamundo

Ooooh, a book? Looking forward to hearing about that. :-)


Thanks for the link to the book of myths! It looks like something my kiddos would enjoy.


Exactly, what do you do with the yarn? I have yarn and I have put it in a little feeder. Do I need to put sticks, etc in with it?

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