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Ever since V saw some kids on TV putting beans into wet paper towels and plastic baggies and waiting for them to sprout, she's enjoyed doing this with just about every seed she comes across. Most everything she's tried has sprouted but we've been lax about taking it any further than sprouts.


But when her cantaloupe seeds sprouted, we planted them in this little pot. I keep saying I'm going to have a (very, very) small garden, even though I truly haven't a clue exactly how one goes about it, except for what I've been reading in my new copy of Square Foot Gardening . I suppose now here's my chance to figure it out.


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I LOVE sfg! That's all we use on our tiny lot in Massachusetts and we get tons of veggies/fruit from them ;)


Those seedlings look lovely in the window. We are about to embark on square foot gardening for the summer. Very exciting.


can't go wrong with "square foot gardening" or that gorgeous tiny pot in your windowsill.
my neighbor grew cantaloupes in her garden last year. i got to eat one, it was darn tasty.

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