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Insubordiknit Workshop

I've been wanting to learn how to make textured yarns for a while. I tried corespinning a couple of times, but I was pretty miserable at it and I finally gave up.

But then Jacey came to town.

Jacey's boots

And she showed me how to corespin. And it was easy! 

She also showed me how to do stacks and supercoils and tailspinning and oodles of other fun things. This is her spinning a corespun yarn with beehives.

Jacey spinning corespun with beehive

And here she's illustrating the technique for a thick and thin yarn (it's all in the wrist, yo)...

Jacey spinning thick and thin

...which you can use to make the green yarn seen here. Fun!


There was beautifully dyed Merino for us to practice with supplied by The Spun Monkey and lovely batts with add-ins and samples provided by Moonwood Farm. Thanks to both of you for the fiber! It was a real treat for me to be able to use someone else's fiber.

Moonwood Farm bags of lovely batts

It was a 2-day workshop with Jacey and handspinners of all skill levels - from someone who'd been spinning for just a week to a few ladies who'd been spinning for 30+ years. It was wonderful to walk into a room full of spinners! I felt right at home. If you're a spinner and have the opportunity to attend an Insubordiknit workshop, I can't recommend it enough.

Several of us had dinner at a nearby Thai restaurant on Saturday night. I loved meeting everyone and had the best time ever. By the end of it, my head was completely full of ideas and inspiration.

Jacey knitting 001

Thank you, Jacey! You're just lovely and I'm thankful for the opportunity to learn from you.

Jacey knitting 002


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The corespun + beehives is something I want to learn! I pre-ordered her book that's coming out in December. Her style attracts me the most, sounds like you had loads of fun.


It looks like an amazing workshop. I am looking forward to seeing your new creations.


sounds like a wonderful time!

i too am excited to see what you will spin up next!!

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