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Reading in a tree

Today V found the highest spot she could in our tree out front. Then, after much fussing of how to sit, I handed her a book.

V in tree 001

She read a couple of chapters in her tree. Sweet girl.

V in tree 002

She still likes to read picture books, but if you hand her a chapter book on cats or dogs she'll read it through in one sitting.

V in tree 003

She wanted to climb all the way to the top of the tree but the branches wouldn't support her weight, so I talked her out of that.

V in tree 006

The Kitten Friends  series by Jenny Dale is her current favorite. I don't think they're published anymore, but I've found one at Goodwill and the rest used on Amazon. I need to get another one for her Easter basket.

V in tree 004

After the reading - chalk.

V in tree 005

It's perfectly Spring here!


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Ahhh! spring...

spread your wings

ah the joys of childhood and warm weather.

A Forest Frolic

How sweet! That sounds like something my oldest would do. Happy Spring!

Jamie :)


I LOVE these pictures of your sweet girl and reading in a tree can't get much better than that!


Oh I am jealous - it just snowed here again this week - ugh! Such sweet photos!


I love this! Has she read Jenny and the Cat Club, or any of the other fantastic stories about Jenny the cat? She is getting so BIG. Tell her that I love tree reading, too!


oh how i wish we were neighbors... v and lily would have so much fun together - lil has spent most of last week up in the apple tree in our back yard.

Jude Cowell

How did i miss this series before? Love the photos, tree, reading girl, cat book, and pink sandals!

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