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Summer's coming

So I planted cantaloupe (it's the same one that's in my banner right now!). In a pot. Because I thought it'd be fun to try - my square foot gardening book says I can do it. We got a cage for it to climb up and I'm fully prepared to fashion slings for the cantaloupes should they get that far.

Cantaloupe 2

We got a doll bed for V from IKEA. It's made of wood. She plays with it a lot but her favorite thing to do is to take it apart. That's also her favorite thing to do with drawer pulls - take them off the drawers and leave them on the table for me to find. Sometimes she puts them back, but really it's the taking apart that interests her.


This weekend we joined our local science museum, so V and I can go anytime and look at the dinosaur bones and see what's playing at the planetarium.

I also signed up for Supercharged Science's summer e-camp this morning. I'm going to do it along with her. I think it'll be lots of fun - there are over 130 projects to keep Miss V's hands from getting too idle this summer...

In shop news - have you seen the new look for the shop? I hope it's even easier to navigate and prettier than before. I've got a big shop update coming up on Thursday at 3:30pm Eastern. And I'm going to do something different this time - if you visit on Wednesday afternoon, I'm going to have everything that will be on sale showing as "coming soon." So you'll be able to check out the yarns that are coming on Thursday before the fray that usually occurs with an update. It seems like the sensible thing to do, yes?


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Best wishes with your canteloupe - I hope it's sweet and juicy!


I wish we had room to plant cool stuff! We're thinking about getting some pepper plants though :)


Cantaloupe is looking good! So is the shop! :)

Lisa Renata

So you are going to officially homeschool? yey for you. I so want to, but think we will try kinder at public and then get him out and homeschool. Not sure.

Anyway- love the new look on your main page. Must share some tips with me. I so need to update my look.

Glad to been able to stop by. It has been a while.


Jude Cowell

Cantaloupe, my favorite! Looks like it's growing fine and i love your photo of the curly Q tendrils - your Grand-Da would be proud!

Hugs for V & R & you,

your Mom


We just planted our square foot garden. No cantaloupe, but I can't wait to see yours in a sling! It sounds like a fun summer is planned watching things grow and doing experiments.

The website looks fantastic too!


summer *is* coming, but slowly up north... i'm just hoping to plant my garden this weekend, and you've already got gorgeous curlycues on your cantaloupes!
amazing how climate can vary, even within our own country!

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