This morning
Land art

Dabbling in color

I don't dream of colors. They hit me when I'm awake and thinking of something else - or of nothing. Thinking of nothing is my best and favorite way to get them. If I need to put it into words I say that I have colors.

today i'm dabbling in color

I get a picture in my head of a color or combination of colors and I know immediately whether or not I know how to make it. Some I'm still searching for the right dye, so they sit in the back of my head. Some I see and love but I know I can't make them (yet).

But when I know I can, I almost always know exactly how to put them together. I don't play with color, even though I say that sometimes. When I play, I mess it up. Either I know or I don't. When I don't, I go do something else until I do. It's been this way for two years now. Before that, I didn't know that I have colors, I only knew that I have pictures. Many of those are not yet taken, but that's another conversation.


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