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June 2011

Painting V

The other morning while I was finishing up on the computer, I could hear V running around the house in a flurry. When I finally got up and walked out to the dining room, I found that she had gathered everything she needed for painting: paints, paper, palette, paper towels, brushes, and a jar of water.

V Paints 001

I think she'd only used the brushes for about 20 seconds before she decided to use her fingers instead.

V Paints 002

The mess was small, but the fun was large!

V Paints 003


Brown and pink & orange...

Shop update coming Monday, June 27th at 10:00 pm Eastern time.

I guess I've been on a brown and pink & orange kick this month, because I've got a rosy brown...

Bateau milk chocolate rose pink brown julep sock yarn mcn merino cashmere indie dyer springtree road top down magic loop toe up sock knitting crochet fingering weight 002

And I've got a lighter pink & orange...

Cloudberry Jam apricot raspberry orange pink julep sock yarn mcn merino cashmere indie dyer springtree road top down magic loop toe up sock knitting crochet fingering weight 001

And then I've got more of an earthy brown...

Terra Incognita brown black julep sock yarn mcn merino cashmere indie dyer springtree road top down magic loop toe up sock knitting crochet fingering weight 004

And I've also got a darker pink & orange!

Orange Honeysuckle burnt orange pink navarre sock yarn indie dyer springtree road top down magic loop toe up sock knitting crochet fingering weight 002

Sometimes these things just can't be helped!

I also did a few other colors, including just one Tea Cakes Lace in Sangria. The preview is already up, so feel free to check out what's coming tomorrow night!

No rain this morning

My plan yesterday was to photograph the yarn for this next update, but the rain was a hindrance. But this morning there was no rain, so I got it done. Yay!

freshly photographed yarn

I'm still editing photos, but look for the yarn preview and announcement of when the next update will be on Monday.

And have a great weekend! We're going to the pool this weekend. Another yay!

While she's still here

Today's the day I should be taking photos of lots of these.

a purple yarn

Except that outside it's doing this.


I thought that there was a break in the rain, but by the time I carried everything down there, it was raining again. V played in the rain for a little while and I sat hoping it would stop raining. 

But it didn't. So I gave up. I'll make hangtags or something.

On the way back inside, Grace had come downstairs so I brought my indoor-only cat outside for a few minutes so she could look around.

gracie 006

Last week I noticed she was looking mighty yellow, so I took her to the vet where we discovered that her liver is not functioning well.

gracie 001

Grace is 17 years old and I've had her since she was a wee kitten. My mom gave her to me even though I said didn't want one more cat. I already had two. 

gracie 002

But I'm glad my mom ignored my complaints. Gracie has been the best cat in all the best cat ways that you can imagine. The few mice I've ever had in my house, she has caught. As R says, she's not quick, she's sudden.

gracie 004

She's a lap cat. She's never happier than when sitting with you on the sofa, even if she just met you. Grace never met a stranger.

gracie 003

She doesn't act like she's ready to move on. Give her a string and she'll play, brush her and she'll thank you with purrs. So I'm giving her subcutaneous fluids most nights to keep her hydrated. And I'm feeding her special food several times a day whether she likes it or not (she doesn't). 

gracie 005

And I'm thankful for this time we have left together, no matter how short these 17 years now seem.


Yesterday I dyed yarn. Most of the yarn was freshly dyed, but some of it was me changing or "fixing" yarn by overdyeing what I dyed the other day. All sorts of things can happen when you dye yarn - sometimes a brand new jar of dye comes out looking so very different than the last one.

Or a color looks completely different on a different fiber blend.

Or you get splotches of a color you don't want. I don't like when that happens. I like things to be predictable, for the most part.


I feel like I should always be able to do everything perfectly the first time I try. Yarn dyeing helps me remember how silly a burden that is to place on yourself, and that sometimes a do-over can turn out even better than the original plan. 

Sweet kitty

Yesterday was Father's Day and R's birthday. I'm not sure where the day went, but we spent part of it in the backyard, playing in the sprinkler and throwing water balloons at each other.

Roxy in the afternoon sun

Roxy ended up on V's towel in the afternoon, looking all sweet like a kitty often does.

Land art

In my internet travels I found the Land Art for Kids website the other day. So this morning V and I went outside and I made some land art.

This one I fashioned after something I'd seen on the Land Art site, using a stick I found and dogwood tree leaves. 

Land Art 003

V was excited that I'd brought the scissors out and so she cut up a lot of leaves and some branches that had fallen on the ground. She also cut the stems off some sweetgum balls for me.

Land Art 005

She tried cutting up a nutbaby, but that didn't work very well. I'm just glad her fingertips are still intact.

Land Art 002

We had fun. It got hotter. Then I sprayed her with water.

Land Art 007

Wondering how long my land art will stay up...

Dreaming of other places to go so we can make more...

Dabbling in color

I don't dream of colors. They hit me when I'm awake and thinking of something else - or of nothing. Thinking of nothing is my best and favorite way to get them. If I need to put it into words I say that I have colors.

today i'm dabbling in color

I get a picture in my head of a color or combination of colors and I know immediately whether or not I know how to make it. Some I'm still searching for the right dye, so they sit in the back of my head. Some I see and love but I know I can't make them (yet).

But when I know I can, I almost always know exactly how to put them together. I don't play with color, even though I say that sometimes. When I play, I mess it up. Either I know or I don't. When I don't, I go do something else until I do. It's been this way for two years now. Before that, I didn't know that I have colors, I only knew that I have pictures. Many of those are not yet taken, but that's another conversation.

This morning

V takes two bags of yarn to help me carry them all up the stairs. I let her help me with the yarn as much as she is able because I enjoy having her with me and it makes her so proud. I ask her what will be the topic of our conversation today and she says babies. She wants to know all about when babies can do things like hold onto a toy, hold up their head, and sit up. She's surprised that babies shouldn't eat honey.

Today I'm planning for the week

I carry the rest of the skeins up myself to begin tying the cotton yarn that helps me keep my work from getting so tangled.  I ruminate on the why of some things and not other things. I have an idea for a yarn - something different. I wonder when I will make the time to try it out.

Shop update on Thursday

Hello! New yarn is on the way this Thursday at 10am Eastern!

First off, I think the preview I did last time really worked for people so I'm going to keep doing that. Tomorrow morning I'm going to make myself a cup of tea and turn the listings on in "coming soon" mode and they will be in that category on the site so you'll be able to check them out and perhaps plan a purchase should you find something wonderful.

With this update, I'll have two new yarns. The first is called Moultrie Sock, though it may be more suited to shawls and similar things because it is hand wash only. It's a blend of baby alpaca, silk, and cashmere and it is one of the softest yarns I've ever felt.

I think this is my favorite color of the ones I dyed for this update. I'm calling it Silvered Sage.  It's a really pretty, soft green to go along with a really beautiful, soft yarn.

Silvered Sage moultrie sock baby alpaca silk cashmere fingering weight socks shawl knitting crochet 002

I will have 4 skeins each in 5 colorways of Moultrie Sock.

Next up is Sweet Vidalia Sport, a 100% superwash Merino yarn. 

Sphera teal blue green brown sweet vidalia sport weight beautiful yarn merino indie dyer springtree road knitting crochet 003

I'm calling this colorway Sphera - it's teal blue glazed with my favorite brown. In some places where the two colors meet, it looks greenish. I'm loving it! I've also got 5 colorways of Sweet Vidalia Sport, but with 6 skeins each, plus a sixth colorway that is a single, one of a kind skein that happened when I was playing around one day.

And last, but not least, Muscadine Sock! Yay! Again, 5 colorways and 4 skeins each, except I did 6 skeins of Anemone because that was a popular one last time.

Anemone gray purple muscadine sock yarn indie dyer springtree road top down magic loop toe up sock knitting crochet fingering weight 002

Also - I'm doing a giveaway over at Yarn on the House, so please check it out. All you have to do is comment on your favorite colorway to be entered to win.

Thanks, as always, for reading. I appreciate your support and the time that you take out of your busy day for me and my little yarn shop.