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Land art

In my internet travels I found the Land Art for Kids website the other day. So this morning V and I went outside and I made some land art.

This one I fashioned after something I'd seen on the Land Art site, using a stick I found and dogwood tree leaves. 

Land Art 003

V was excited that I'd brought the scissors out and so she cut up a lot of leaves and some branches that had fallen on the ground. She also cut the stems off some sweetgum balls for me.

Land Art 005

She tried cutting up a nutbaby, but that didn't work very well. I'm just glad her fingertips are still intact.

Land Art 002

We had fun. It got hotter. Then I sprayed her with water.

Land Art 007

Wondering how long my land art will stay up...

Dreaming of other places to go so we can make more...


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i love this post! beautiful land art! :)


I love it too! You guys have so much fun!

Jude Cowell

Love it! Didn't know this could be called Land Art when i was a kid.

Great photos and art project, Maya!


Looks like both of you had a ton of fun!

If you look closely, you might find some inspiration for some Colours and dyeing of new sock yarn. Especially the Colours in the second photo. Very nice!


Oh gosh, one of the best blog posts ever! Love this. Land art. Who knew?!


Simply beautiful!

Alison Kerr | Loving Nature's Garden

I love the twig with leaves. Beautiful! Thanks for sharing. Just looking at this brought me a feeling of nature's calm.

spread your wings

this looks like a lot of fun. it's something i would enjoy doing but i guess it's more fun with children. maybe my niece and nephew will do it with me. : )


oooooh i love this!!
we're having a thunderstorm right now or i'd just run right outside and get started! :)

thank you for the link - lil and i are definitely going to make ourselves some landart in the near future!!

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