While she's still here
Brown and pink & orange...

No rain this morning

My plan yesterday was to photograph the yarn for this next update, but the rain was a hindrance. But this morning there was no rain, so I got it done. Yay!

freshly photographed yarn

I'm still editing photos, but look for the yarn preview and announcement of when the next update will be on Monday.

And have a great weekend! We're going to the pool this weekend. Another yay!


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Gorgeous!! <3


Beautiful picture as always! I know what it's like to have pictures hindered by rain. There has been such a constant trend of rainy days here in New England that it's been hard to keep up on photographs for blogging.

Looking forward to seeing the next update!


ooohhhh.... I just want to plop down in the middle of that yarn and take a nap!


love those colors together.
jewel tone heaven!!

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