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Painting V

The other morning while I was finishing up on the computer, I could hear V running around the house in a flurry. When I finally got up and walked out to the dining room, I found that she had gathered everything she needed for painting: paints, paper, palette, paper towels, brushes, and a jar of water.

V Paints 001

I think she'd only used the brushes for about 20 seconds before she decided to use her fingers instead.

V Paints 002

The mess was small, but the fun was large!

V Paints 003



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A puppy, of course! :) hee hee - look at those hands!

Four Gambel Girls and a Guy ~ documenting the adventures called life

Lovely ~ both the painting and especially the yarn. Hopefully this summer will bring some time to knit and I can order some of that beautiful yarn.


that's just awesome! i want to do that more with mine! but the mess always makes me cringe. >_<

Jude Cowell

A beautiful painting, V! Can the love of fingerpainting be hereditary?


hooray for finger painting!

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