Shop update on Thursday
Dabbling in color

This morning

V takes two bags of yarn to help me carry them all up the stairs. I let her help me with the yarn as much as she is able because I enjoy having her with me and it makes her so proud. I ask her what will be the topic of our conversation today and she says babies. She wants to know all about when babies can do things like hold onto a toy, hold up their head, and sit up. She's surprised that babies shouldn't eat honey.

Today I'm planning for the week

I carry the rest of the skeins up myself to begin tying the cotton yarn that helps me keep my work from getting so tangled.  I ruminate on the why of some things and not other things. I have an idea for a yarn - something different. I wonder when I will make the time to try it out.


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Sharon in Texas

Sweet Miss V :)
Hopefully you'll have time very soon for your yarn experiment!!

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