No rain this morning

While she's still here

Today's the day I should be taking photos of lots of these.

a purple yarn

Except that outside it's doing this.


I thought that there was a break in the rain, but by the time I carried everything down there, it was raining again. V played in the rain for a little while and I sat hoping it would stop raining. 

But it didn't. So I gave up. I'll make hangtags or something.

On the way back inside, Grace had come downstairs so I brought my indoor-only cat outside for a few minutes so she could look around.

gracie 006

Last week I noticed she was looking mighty yellow, so I took her to the vet where we discovered that her liver is not functioning well.

gracie 001

Grace is 17 years old and I've had her since she was a wee kitten. My mom gave her to me even though I said didn't want one more cat. I already had two. 

gracie 002

But I'm glad my mom ignored my complaints. Gracie has been the best cat in all the best cat ways that you can imagine. The few mice I've ever had in my house, she has caught. As R says, she's not quick, she's sudden.

gracie 004

She's a lap cat. She's never happier than when sitting with you on the sofa, even if she just met you. Grace never met a stranger.

gracie 003

She doesn't act like she's ready to move on. Give her a string and she'll play, brush her and she'll thank you with purrs. So I'm giving her subcutaneous fluids most nights to keep her hydrated. And I'm feeding her special food several times a day whether she likes it or not (she doesn't). 

gracie 005

And I'm thankful for this time we have left together, no matter how short these 17 years now seem.


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Awww! what a sweetie she is...


No matter how many years, it never seems long enough. She's such a pretty, sweet girl.


Grace is truly beautiful and looks like she is super sweet. Treasure the moments, even the very small ones.


beautiful post


So sorry Maya. She is so pretty and has suck a great mama and life :) So I could see why she would want to stay. Sending prayers your way.



Oh dear...That was supposed to say such, not suck!! Embarrassed!


She's a sweetie. What a touching post.

I was looking for you. I won a book from your blog years ago that my 7 yo son now adores and just wanted you to know that :)

Take good care.

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