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An indoor clothesline

Ok, this is too cute not to share. Roxy's favorite new place to nap - 2nd floor of V's dollhouse.

20110718 Roxy in the dollhouse

On Thursday nights, V and I have "sleepover," where she and I hang out in my bed before she falls asleep and I tell her stories from my childhood or we talk about whatever V wants to talk about (most recently all things related to having babies and what sorts of things one might do that would lead to getting a "black mark" on your driving record).

Last Thursday, I told her about how my grandmother had a clothesline and how I'd help her hang clothes to dry or take them down once they were dry. Her clothesline was in the backyard next to the cedar tree, in front of my grandfather's garden, and near the wading pool he built for my brother and I.

I also told her about the wading pool - how Granddaddy dug a hole, smoothed it over with concrete, left a drain hole with a slice of garden hose to keep it open and a hunk of wood to plug it, and then bricked it all around. (Most uncomfortable and yet awesome pool you ever saw).

V wanted to know why we don't have a clothesline (save energy! clothes that smell like sunshine!) and then we got to talk about mama's allergies for a while and how the very thought of breathing in a pillowcase covered with pollen might just make my head explode.

20110718 Clothesline

So yesterday, V kept telling me to stay in the bedroom because she had "something constructive" she wanted to do. So I did and she put together her own clothesline to surprise me. Eventually she realized she needed help - she'd used some scrap sock yarn, which wasn't heavy enough, and had the chairs turned the wrong way so the line wouldn't stay taut. So I helped her set it up with some stronger cotton yarn. She'd also gotten some clothes damp in her bathroom sink (but not too wet. I was impressed.) and I showed her how to hang them up with clothespins.

Lazy Susan

Sometimes it can be a fantastic thing to say no to your children. Like in the case of the big stack of Lazy Susans we always see when we go to IKEA. V used to ask for one every time and I always said no, we don't need that; we've got enough stuff. I guess she did need it after all - she taped a coffee mug to the bottom of this woven platter and left it for me to find on the dining table one day. The next day she further improved her design by taping a block to the top to make it easier to turn.

When I first saw it, I felt bad for having denied her one. So I told her well, if you want to get one next time we go to IKEA, we can. She said, "No thanks, Mom. I already have a Lazy Susan. I made it myself, remember?"


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So sweeeeeeet!! :D


oh i love her.


In a few years, I'll be using something of V's creation/invention. I'm sure of it!


Sweet, resourceful girl! :) (And sweet kitteh, too!)


ooh it just gives me goosebumps to hear about such gloriously smart, clever and resourceful girls! how delightful to hear how wonderfully V is growing up and how proud you must be! you're such a good mama!

Lisa Renata

some times saying "no" brings about creativity. love her.

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