It's Caturday!
Happy Caturday!

When I grow up

When I grow up, I want to travel around the country with really old cameras and take portraits of anyone who will let me.

For now I'll settle for V with a new camera.

V a little sepia 001

There's nothing finer than having someone's permission to capture their essence in a photo.

V a little sepia 002

She doesn't let me photograph her so much these days, but occasionally she can be talked into it. 

V a little sepia 003

I can't wait to see what she thinks of these when she's older. They are so her.


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Kelly C

these are beautiful, Maya. V is lucky to have a momma that's capturing the process of her growing up. She'll cherish these when she's a grown woman with her old little ones. (but we won't think about that now...)


So sweet! :)


oh! what a beautiful child! but she's growing so quickly - they all do. :(


Perfect light! I love that little catch light in her eyes. So sweet!


Sniff, Sniff, when did she grow up?! She is just beautiful Maya.


V. Has the most luminous eyes! She's pretty now, but she'll be stunning in a few years.

Maybe frame yhese as a triptych? And the first photo as an enlargement by itself.... Just my thoughts.....



What great expressions! And you captured them so well. :)


perfect portraits!
that miss v is one adorable little lady.

Jude Cowell

How fabulous! Well done both of you and V's hair looks great! oxo


these are absolutely stunning!!!

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