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October 2011

Come April

Always the fan of anatomy (and babies!), V has been reading lots of books like this lately.

What's Inside Baby

It has animals too, but this page is currently the most interesting to her.

What's Inside Baby 2

I've been knitting these little baby legs. It's been really nice knitting with my own yarn! I don't get to do it nearly enough. Turns out, this size fits V's skinny legs as well so I'm making her a matching pair, only longer.

Baby Legs

We've also been putting this little dear to bed a lot. And walking her around in a stroller, feeding her, burping her, changing her diaper...

Pink Baby

And this video is on our hot list this month. It's fascinating (and I truly wish I'd known of it when V was a baby). I plan to watch it a lot after the first of the year, especially.

Dunstan Baby Language

Because we're having a baby in April. Yay.