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Name this yarn base - win a free skein!

I have a new yarn base in my possession. I'm dropping everything else to start dyeing it on Monday. I'm so very thrilled with it.

And I'd like your help naming it.

Name Me

About the yarn - it's DK weight, 100% Superwash Merino, single ply, super soft and squishy. So exciting! It's a single! Singles remind me of handpun yarn. I've been wanting to add a single ply hand-dyed yarn to my shop for a good year now.

But back to the name. I'm all give out! Thinking of baby names! Yarn colorway names! Names for all the cats and dogs that V wants to get! I do a lot of naming. So I would love your input.

I have a naming theme going on for my yarn bases - Southern things - Julep (as in mint), Praline (as in pecan), Muscadine (as in vine). I've also used place names - Navarre is a little town in Florida (where R & I honeymooned) and Philomath is a little town in Georgia. I intend to stay with the Southern theme. 

Unique names are best (there are plenty of yarn bases named "magnolia" and "hummingbird"). Place names, food names, pretty names, something else I haven't thought of - all good as long as it feels particularly Southern US.

While I can't promise that I will definitely pick one of your suggestions (though I want to and I very well may), I can promise that I will pick a winner and send that person pictures of the colorways I dye next week before I list them in my shop, let you choose one skein as a prize, and then send it to you (anywhere, worldwide). So you get first dibs! And the first chance to knit with my new yummy yarn base!

So...ideas? Show me what you've got! Just leave a comment before Wednesday, November 16th, at 8pm Eastern and I'll consider it. Thanks so much!


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melissa snead

Heavens Gate

Debbye Jensen

How about "Praline Kiss".

Connie Gorz

Two names come to mind: Ya'll and Sugah (for sugar).


Southern + DK + single(ply) = Debutante
I would name it Debutante


I like Dogwood, since they are first tree to bloom around us (just south of ATL), and they only bloom once a year and this is a single ply.


how about, "stinkin' humid with giant gross bugs?"
that's what i think of when i think of the south.
heh heh.
but in a more positive vein:
live oak
spanish moss
(sorry, couldn't help slipping that last one in... i'm absolutely no help, am i?)
love your northern friend, melissa :)


Sittin' on a porch swing on a hot summer day, listenin' to the sound of June bugs in the grass, drinkin' a cold glass of BUTTERMILK is as southern as all get out. Y'all come back now, y'heah.

Kelly Coulson

oh I can't WAIT to see what name you end up choosing!


Monroe is the name I like.

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