Kohl for R
Friday afternoon update

R's new hat

Hiya! So I finished knitting R's new hat (the Boyfriend Beanie) and I'm planning to take some pictures of him wearing it this weekend. But until then - here it is!

Rs hat 001

I truly enjoyed knitting with this yarn. It's twisted just enough that it makes those cute, plump little stitches similar to handspun, which I love. And the yarn didn't break on me once. Not to imply that handspun does, but someone asked me about it since this isn't a plied yarn.

Rs hat 003

I adore it! I can't wait to knit something else with this yarn.

Rs hat 002

I have chosen a name for the new yarn base from the contest entries and emailed the winner. I'm planning to present the yarns in a few favorite colorways and a few new ones on or around November 28th. Check back for more details or subscribe to my newsletter for info on shop updates.


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fantastic! I love the color :) But, it might not be cold enough to wear it THIS weekend, but hopefully one soon (this nasty warm weather is yucky!)


Ohhh those cables look soo yummy!


Oh! I just want to squish it! It's lovely. :)


I really love R's new hat and the your new base looks squishy soft!!!!


your r's one lucky fella!!

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