Making a new habit
Happy Caturday!

On a day like today

On a day like today...

Where you realize that things you thought were within your control really aren't and there's zilch you can do about it.

Where you walk into the kitchen and your kid is sitting in the floor with two cups of water, the container of sugar open, and an almost empty bottle of lemon juice, making the tartest lemonade you ever tasted.

Where it's really difficult to even make your to-do list, much less carry it out.

What do you do then?


I grabbed a skein of Mist out of the store and sat on the floor with it, winding it into a ball by hand. Then I took Sharon's suggestion on a hat pattern and purchased Fartlek by Anne Hanson. Now I'm about to make something warm for lunch and then I'm going to knit a hat.

What would you do?


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That sounds like a good plan to me!


good for you! i find that knitting can solve almost any problem.
the hat is going to be gorgeous!


Have a cup of tea and read! But I like your idea, too!


lol Oh dear!!
Some knitting sounds like a great idea!
That colour is sooo yummy! The perfect light grey!

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