Happy Caturday!
Ready for January 1 cast on!

Wednesday morning

It's Wednesday morning before Christmas. I have done a startling lack of Christmas preparation.

Our cat Roxy has been telling me she's bored all morning long. I just now walked into the kitchen and she was staring at the blinds, listening to the birds playing outside. I opened the blinds for her. Both the cats have adjusted well to the raw food I've been making them. Once you get your "Healthy Powder" mixed up, it really doesn't take that long to make the food every week. Hopefully it'll do Roxy good (so far, so good!). They gobble that stuff down like crazy!

Today I'm mailing yarn to New York and Australia.

Wednesday 001

I'm also thinking about 2012 and writing down some things I'd like to accomplish,

Wednesday 002

contemplating what sort of cookies fill this cookie jar with,

Wednesday 003

and - my favorite - watching V bring her own ideas and designs to life.

Wednesday 004

Now it's after noon; morning is over. It's time to make lunch, keep up with our reading habit, and see what the rest of the day brings. 


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Pretty yarn! And I love to bake Christmas cookies too, hope to get some frosted cut-out shapes baked this week!


Glad the cats are responding well to the new food.
Love V's design work!
Enjoy your reading!

Kelly Coulson

I'd love to see your goal list for 2012.


oh goodness - i love v's cat!! she is such an awesome girl!!

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