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Happy Caturday!

These photos are from Christmas day. Here's Roxy enjoying the pretty lights.

Christmas Roxy

I've been feeding the cats their raw food diet for more than a month now; R and I are impressed with the changes we've seen. They were never hugely overweight, but they have slimmed down beautifully. The other day R said what I'd been thinking for a while - that they are softer with shinier coats. They play together more often and more energetically. They even play alone more often too (especially Zasha - Roxy has always had more energy than Zash).

Roxy has not peed anywhere since she started eating raw. And before I started feeding her this way, her breath smelled really bad. Like really bad. It wasn't her teeth; I felt like it was a sign that something was about to go very wrong. The bad breath is gone, as is Zasha's chronic dandruff. It takes a little time to make it, but I can make a week's worth or two (or more, if I had the freezer space) at a time. I may sound like crazy cat lady, but I don't care. To me it's better than having to take Roxy to the vet constantly for antibiotics and catheterization, which I believe is the direction we were headed. I'll happily take on the name crazy cat lady. 

Christmas Jenny Linsky and Zasha

Since we're all about the cats here, let me tell you the tale of this little Beanie Baby. Thanks to Maiz telling me of them, one of V's favorite series of books is about Jenny Linsky, a shy little black cat who has many adventures. Jenny wears a red scarf that her owner, a retired sea captain, knitted for her. No one makes licensed Jenny Linsky dolls, so I decided to put one together as best I could as a special present from me to V this Christmas. I found a black Halloween Beanie Baby that had the closest Jenny-look about her and cut the collar off her. Then I knitted a red scarf for her and tied it around her neck. I ran out of time to make the little baubles that go at the end of the scarf and planned to do this later, but V says she likes Jenny just as she is. 


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happy to hear the cats are enjoying their new raw food diet! my mister and i will be incorporating this type of food for our new soon as we get out and adopt them ;)


Do you have any links for the raw food diet? I keep meaning to switch my three guys over, but I haven't taken the time to do the research about it.


mew mew - happy caturday to you!

i'm so glad to hear that things are going well for the kitties on their new diet. that's wonderful news!


Should've mentioned that I've been using Dr. P's book for my recipes. I trust him. :)


And I also should've mentioned that even crotchety Zasha's mood seems to have improved. She's a sweet cat, but spent 6 months at the shelter before we adopted her. She gets a little testy. But her humor has definitely improved - we've all noticed it.


Thank you! I have one guy who has all kinds of urinary tract and upper respiratory issues. This should help!


What great cat news! You are so smart and so diligent to figure out what to do for those special cats and then to DO it!

The Jenny Linsky books sound great. Looks like I'll be buying more books! :) And what a precious 'Jenny' you made.

So much talent in that house of yours....


Lovely post! I'm very fond of cats but sadly, my hubby is highly allergic to them. I too, have a couple of "stuffies" that I cherish. Neither of them have beautiful knitted, red scarves though.

Happy to hear your furry family has improved their health and happiness - and yours! It's a great start to the new year :)

Have a nice weekend!

Jude Cowell

Great post, Maya. Love your kitty cat photos!

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