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Shop update(s) & a colorful Philomath Worsted!

This morning I was working toward photographing the yarns for the next update and glanced over to the living room where R just brought V's play kitchen upstairs and I thought, hey! I should take some yarn pictures there!

Play Kitchen 003

So I did. What was kind of comical about it was that sitting on the floor is not my best option at the moment, with this baby belly I've got going and a touch of sciatica. 

Play Kitchen 004

I say a touch just to be polite. The reality went more like ... [camera clicking] snap snap "Ouch!" snap snap "Ouch!!!" snap snap "OUCH!" Only add your choice of foul language into the mix as well.

Play Kitchen 002

But I like the pictures. 

For this update, on Wednesday February 1st at 2pm Eastern, I'll have something a little different, just for fun. Four skeins of Philomath Worsted in an honest-to-goodness color palette. Plus a couple of other semi-solid colors. Though semi-solids are what I'm drawn to, sometimes a girl just needs to mix it up.

Play Kitchen 001

There will also be the usual suspects (skeins of Muscadine Sock) in a couple of new colorways.

Play Kitchen 005

And Spinners, I haven't forgotten the roving! It'll be coming your way in a rare Sunday afternoon update - February 5th at 2pm Eastern. Hope you can make it!


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Great pictures! I hope you feel better soon!

Have a lovely day!


how adorable are you! the yarns look lovely and though that photo shoot sounds like it was quite painful (so sorry about that! hope you're hanging in there!), it was certainly worth it. scrumptious yarns, fabulous photos, wonderful maya!


Just catching up - I LOVE the photos! What a cute idea! And of course, the yarn is fantastic too!

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