Happy Caturday!
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Happy Caturday!

It's Caturday once again and we're all very excited about it. R is sanding the front steps to paint. I'm measuring Baby H's window and picking out paint. V is ... well I'm not sure what she's doing but I need to go check on that!

Here's Zasha, sitting on the banister. Until recently she never jumped up there, but now she does it all the time. Her raw diet is still agreeing with her. A couple of weeks ago, a friend was over and Zasha came up for pets. She commented that she thought Z would be the kind of cat with coarse fur, but it was really very, very soft. 

Zasha on banister

I know when Z first came home with us, she did have coarse fur. Not anymore! I love it.


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ohhhh lots of painting going on :)
We are expecting 20-30 cms of snow today! T and I are just about to take the dogs out for a romp while we can still walk on our snowmobile tracks.
Have a good weekend!!


Such a pretty kitty!


of course she has soft fur - it's the high quality food you feed her!

and hooray for nursery painting! will we get a peep at the finished product?
have a good weekend.

linda a roller

Zasha looks a lot like a cat I had named Stuie. Stuie had the little white patch under his neck too. Stuie died last April 11 he was almost 18 y/o by 6 weeks.I love the cat posts & of course the yarn!

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