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Happy Caturday!

Happy Caturday!

This week I was taking yarn photos for the update and Roxy got inside my light cube when I had to leave the room for something. I usually go to great lengths to ensure she doesn't get in there because then I have to go get the tape roller and roll away any fur she might happen to leave behind.

Rox in Lightcube 003

But this time I thought that since I had everything set up and would have to roll it anyway, might as well take some photos of my sweet, inquisitive girl.

Rox in Lightcube 002

The cube isn't big enough for her to do one of those show cat poses and neither is my camera lens long enough to get her full body without ruining the magic (you'd see the whole light cube just to fit her in the frame), and she wasn't likely to pose once I showed up with my camera because she's really a very good cat who knows she ought not be in there and so she jumped out almost immediately.

But I'm happy with what I caught. 

Rox in Lightcube 001

Happy Caturday!


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oh roxy has the most lovely eyes...

Jude Cowell

Wow! I'm happy w what you caught, too! Maya, I do believe your photos And yarn colors get better and better! jc

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