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My friend Kim sent me some pretty thread.

Button and Buttonhole 001

When I was a kid, my mom drew a little girl on an empty wooden spool and I played with her all the time. 

Button and Buttonhole 002

Today I've felt very tired, like I'm walking through sludge. Or like I could sleep the afternoon away. So far I have knitted a bit on my socks and gotten totally confused about what work I'll be doing over the next four weeks. I've had a kitty beside me for some of it and V beside me for all of it. R has been working hard all day, preparing things. Not a bad day, but I'd love a shot of energy.

Happy Caturday!

Roxy always manages to make a nest.

Nesting Cat

We have 5 weeks and a couple of days until Baby H arrives. We've got a to-do list as long as my arm, yet I'm afraid I'm not much help because I'm slowing down. But I'm really looking forward to meeting him. I want to knit some baby booties, but haven't been able to settle on a pattern. If you know of the perfect one, please leave me a link! I'm a whole lot of indecision sitting right here...

Happy Caturday!

Shop update tomorrow @ 10am!

Soooooo things seem to have gotten slooooooow around here. I am moving slower, thinking slower, and needing to rest more. Comes with being preggers, right? Oof!

I'm not used to it and it's making me a little lot impatient! I intended to have more yarn for tomorrow. Some nice worsteds and stuff.

But the show must go on! So tomorrow we have a shop update! With some really pretty yarn, if I do say so myself.

next shop update

There will be Muscadine Sock and Emeline Sock, mainly in jewel tones. It's not very cold here this winter, but the trees are leafless and the grass is brown, so I thought some bright spots of color would be nice.

Happy Caturday!

It's Caturday once again and we're all very excited about it. R is sanding the front steps to paint. I'm measuring Baby H's window and picking out paint. V is ... well I'm not sure what she's doing but I need to go check on that!

Here's Zasha, sitting on the banister. Until recently she never jumped up there, but now she does it all the time. Her raw diet is still agreeing with her. A couple of weeks ago, a friend was over and Zasha came up for pets. She commented that she thought Z would be the kind of cat with coarse fur, but it was really very, very soft. 

Zasha on banister

I know when Z first came home with us, she did have coarse fur. Not anymore! I love it.

Happy Caturday!

This week I was taking yarn photos for the update and Roxy got inside my light cube when I had to leave the room for something. I usually go to great lengths to ensure she doesn't get in there because then I have to go get the tape roller and roll away any fur she might happen to leave behind.

Rox in Lightcube 003

But this time I thought that since I had everything set up and would have to roll it anyway, might as well take some photos of my sweet, inquisitive girl.

Rox in Lightcube 002

The cube isn't big enough for her to do one of those show cat poses and neither is my camera lens long enough to get her full body without ruining the magic (you'd see the whole light cube just to fit her in the frame), and she wasn't likely to pose once I showed up with my camera because she's really a very good cat who knows she ought not be in there and so she jumped out almost immediately.

But I'm happy with what I caught. 

Rox in Lightcube 001

Happy Caturday!

Lo Gixx

Once upon a time, I was pregnant with a little girl baby. And I knew exactly what kind of child she would be. First off, she'd have curly hair (like me) and dark brown eyes (like her father). She'd have a calm disposition. I read up on Attachment Parenting, thought it was lovely, and hoped I'd be able to incorporate some of its ideas in raising my daughter.

Then my straight-haired, blue-eyed V was born and any ideas that I might ever be able to tell the future flew out the window during the long, sleepless nights of the "colic" that lasted an incredible 14+ months (and even longer with the sleep issues). Attachment Parenting wasn't a nice idea, it was the only reality that even halfway worked.

Tee hee. (of course I'm thinking of these things now, with #2 on the horizon, wondering if we'll get any sleep at all over the next 4-5 years...or perhaps he was the curly-headed, brown-eyed baby in my vision)

Before V was born, I bought a set of blocks and used them to spell out her name for her room.


Pretty, yes?

Today, V tells me that she's changed her name. To Lo Gixx.


So Lo Gixx and I are going to spend our afternoon jumping off the sofa repeatedly, making cat lodges in the yard (to catch stray cats so we can take them in. all of them. because we can't ever have enough cats. hundreds of cats are what we need.), and climbing on kitchen counters in search of marshmallows.

Nothing wrong with that!

Pattern Release: Sugar Mountain by Meghan Jackson

Meghan Jackson has designed the most perfect shawl to knit for Spring!

Sugar Mountain Detail

Sugar Mountain was designed with my Coquina DK and uses 2 skeins. Alternately, you could use just one skein of my Muscadine Sock, for a lighter shawl. 

Sugar Mountain A

The colorway shown is brand new, called Frosted, which is a very pale purple.

Frosted Coquina no text

From now through the end of February, I'm offering a dye to order listing of yarn in support of Meghan's pattern. You might choose Frosted, or your favorite colorway. More details in the shop!