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Happy Caturday!

Lo Gixx

Once upon a time, I was pregnant with a little girl baby. And I knew exactly what kind of child she would be. First off, she'd have curly hair (like me) and dark brown eyes (like her father). She'd have a calm disposition. I read up on Attachment Parenting, thought it was lovely, and hoped I'd be able to incorporate some of its ideas in raising my daughter.

Then my straight-haired, blue-eyed V was born and any ideas that I might ever be able to tell the future flew out the window during the long, sleepless nights of the "colic" that lasted an incredible 14+ months (and even longer with the sleep issues). Attachment Parenting wasn't a nice idea, it was the only reality that even halfway worked.

Tee hee. (of course I'm thinking of these things now, with #2 on the horizon, wondering if we'll get any sleep at all over the next 4-5 years...or perhaps he was the curly-headed, brown-eyed baby in my vision)

Before V was born, I bought a set of blocks and used them to spell out her name for her room.


Pretty, yes?

Today, V tells me that she's changed her name. To Lo Gixx.


So Lo Gixx and I are going to spend our afternoon jumping off the sofa repeatedly, making cat lodges in the yard (to catch stray cats so we can take them in. all of them. because we can't ever have enough cats. hundreds of cats are what we need.), and climbing on kitchen counters in search of marshmallows.

Nothing wrong with that!


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LOL enjoy the afternoon with Lo GIXX hahhahah
Sounds like you are going to have an adventurous one!


That sounds like the perfect day. Now I want to change my name and jump off the couch while eating marshmallows.


Sounds like fun!

Have a lovely day!


thank goodness for attachment parenting!
enjoy this time dream of who baby will become... it's a magical time, only to be replaced by a more magical (if also more sleep deprived) time when you get to actually watch who baby become who he is!

hope you and lo gixx had a fun time jumping on the couch!! :)

Lisa Renata

You said it! Parenting is nothing like one has planned, but much much better! Hope you had fun cat snatching and couch jumping!


Lo Gixx? V is too funny! You are so right that the life of a parent is never what you expected it to be!

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