Happy Caturday!
Happy Caturday!


My friend Kim sent me some pretty thread.

Button and Buttonhole 001

When I was a kid, my mom drew a little girl on an empty wooden spool and I played with her all the time. 

Button and Buttonhole 002

Today I've felt very tired, like I'm walking through sludge. Or like I could sleep the afternoon away. So far I have knitted a bit on my socks and gotten totally confused about what work I'll be doing over the next four weeks. I've had a kitty beside me for some of it and V beside me for all of it. R has been working hard all day, preparing things. Not a bad day, but I'd love a shot of energy.


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I have my mom's old sewing box and I love the old wooden thread spools. There is something so unexplainably comforting about them!

I hope you're able to get plenty of rest in these weeks leading up to delivery!


I thought you might like it. :) Wishing you energy and clear thoughts! (But you have to admit, you can't beat knitting beside a sweet girl and a kitty.)


I just love old thread spools too, the colors and texture are so beautiful! I'm also a fan of old buttons for much the same reason. :)


you're not getting sick, are you?
i thought the third trimester was supposed to keep you chalk full of energy? maybe that's just a myth...
either way, i hope you found some!

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