La la la ... Sunday

Happy Caturday!

As of Monday, I'll have 3 weeks to go. I keep trying to imagine what it's going to be like to be a family of four, but I really can't. We've been three for 6.5 years.

Here are Zasha and Roxy trying to nap within just mere inches of each other. About 30 seconds after I took this, Zasha left the room. They play so well together, it's hard for me to believe they don't show each other a lot of affection when they're not playing.

Happy Caturday

Lately, V has written her first poem and her first two songs. Here's her poem - you should know that she prides herself on being a sneaky sneakerson and swiping any candy she might find in the house - or anyone else's house!

so here we are,
my crimes long far,
i'm still at it today,
eatin' candy from
the kitchen, par-tay.

And then she drew a picture of herself sneaking candy from her grandmother's kitchen. One of her songs is about falling down and scraping her knee and the other one is about puking. I'd say that perhaps reading her Horrible Science books for a good 1-2 hours every night before she falls asleep has something to do with it, but that was pretty much her sense of humor before she got them. I never knew puke was so funny!

Just wait until she gets it from Baby H - we'll see what she thinks then! Ha!



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oh i love her poem!
she's such an amazing girl


oh p.s. - i forgot to add, "mew!!"


6.5 and such a command of English! Go V go!!!!!

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