Happy Caturday!
The only shop update in March!

La la la ... Sunday

Yesterday I went out in the back yard with V. The weather was perfect, with just a slight cool breeze.

V did lots of things.

She checked on and fixed up her Cat Lodge.

Fixing up Cat Lodge

She's hoping a stray cat will take up residence there so we can adopt him/her.

She blew bubbles.

Blowing bubbles

There was some chalk out there from the other day.

Pink chalk

So she drew on some trees and the fence.

Chalk cat drawing

The cat drawing is so that the stray cats will know to come use the Cat Lodge whenever they need a place to stay with a ball to play with, a soft mossy bed, shelter, and greens to eat. 

Cat Lodge

Today we're supposed to put a bowl of water out for them too.

While she did all that, I contemplated my baby belly. Which is huge. And three weeks to go.

Baby belly

Do you see my feet? Neither do I ...

And I knitted a pattern repeat on my socks.

Nutkin No 2

Then I had the idea that V should collect some pine cones so we could make bird feeders. But we don't have pine trees in our yard; we have sweetgum trees. So we used those with peanut butter and birdseed.

Sweetgum bird feeder

V says these will lure the birds to our yard, so that they will lure the cats, who will want to catch the birds for their meals when they stay in the Lodge.

After that we contemplated the violets peeking through the leaves at the very back of the yard. 


Just looking out back, I didn't think there was any color back there, but once I started looking I realized the violets are everywhere.


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Now I know it's been at least 8-1/2 months since I've seen you on twitter or your blog. Possibly longer, as V has grown a lot. Congratulations!! :)

Paula Lauren Gibson/AfroPix

Love the cat lodge! I hope someone takes up residence soon!


Can you believe that some people think those beautiful violets are weeds? I've always thought of them as a valuable part of spring.


I just saw this on Made by Joel, and it's got V's name all over it!


Maybe you saw it already, but I didn't want you to miss it!!! I can't believe you're only 3 weeks away! Thanks for finally posting that picture of you :)


Three weeks?! Wow, that time has gone by so quickly!

V is looking so grown up. She is such a cutie! I love her cat lodge!


what a wonderful afternoon in the yard!

does v have any residents in her cat lodge yet? i don't see how they could resist! a ball, green, and a mossy bed?!?! heck, i'd sleep there!

your belly is adorable!! and i'm sure your feet are down there somewhere - you'll see them again in a couple week! :)


Goodness, she's growing so much! A mama of 12 I know once told me that when you get pregnant again, the "baby" starts looking so much more grown-up. I guess that holds true. :)

I love the sweet gum bird feeder idea! I could make SCADS of those.

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