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One week

Last Thursday we went out to dinner with family. While I was in the restroom, I heard a bit of a song I just couldn't place. So I took a video to record the sound so I could figure it out later. Then I promptly forgot all about it and went on with life as usual.

This morning I woke up with a song in my head, seemingly out of the blue, and by the time I got into the shower, I knew that it was a Pete Yorn song that I hadn't thought of in years and years. I looked it up on YouTube so I could hear it and then I remembered the song from the restaurant, played the video on my phone, and it was the same song.

Funny how your brain works on problems when you're not paying attention.

One week to Baby H. I have all kinds of thoughts on this, but no time to really think them. So hopefully my brain is working on it while I'm paying attention to other things.


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I wish you all the best for the last few days and the first one's with Baby H.!

Shiny greatings from sunny germany ;)


One week! How exciting!


one week!! the countdown has begun!

i love that when i know that i know something.... and then tada i remember it!

linda a roller

Zasha looks so much like my Stuie,especially in this photo.

Congrats on your new son! Madbird made a post.

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