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There's no fussy in handknits

Today I put Baby H in his bouncy seat, which he usually loves, but ... um ... not so much today!

Fussy baby

I said, "Oh no! Fussy baby! There's no crying in handknits!"

What this is handknit

He said, "What?! This was hand knit? Just for me?" 

I said it surely is, by Auntie Claire, and sent all the way from Germany.

Youre right

Baby H said, "Oh well, then. Why didn't you say so? No fussing today!"

Knit by Claire


Yesterday I contemplated this yarn. I have 4 skeins of it and I was knitting a cardigan with it, but I've pretty much come to realize that it's not going to happen. Right now I just need simpler projects.

Tanis on Aran

Looks like a lot of people could get a lot of teal blue hats and/or scarves for Christimas this year, if I get on that soon.

I also contemplated this yarn, which is my favorite BFL and my favorite purple. I knitted one fingerless mitt with it but it's way too small for me. Laughably small. At the time I thought I'd just finish up and give them to my sister, who has much smaller hands than I. But I don't really want to knit the second one. So I will continue contemplating this yarn. Maybe some socks.

Purple yes it is

Then I contemplated this right mess. The one on the left is new, a one of a kind color that I did not measure or write down. Don't ask me why I do that sometimes. There's no reasonable answer. The one on the right is this yarn. I knew when I dyed it that it would take a while to sell because orange almost always does. But I can't help but dye orange; I love it so. It's passionate and unafraid to be exactly what it is. Sometimes I go in to where I keep the yarn and squeeze all my orange yarns.

But don't tell anybody.

Red Orange

I took action on these yarns - I tamed them with my handy skein winder. 


Same with these. They looked even worse than the ones above. But now, they look sleek and lovely.

Moss and TBD

They'll be in my next update, which I'm planning for sometime in the next week or two.

Trying to get on a more regular schedule now. It's hard when there are baby toes in the house to nibble...

It's Tuesday & there's nowhere I have to be

Today I'm taking the day off from most of what I have to do. I'm making a plan of what to dye next, which technically work but does not involve heating up an already hot kitchen with dyepots. And we just made our own play dough for the first time in forever.

Making play dough :)

We left one of them its natural color, so that V can mold it into cats.

She has already drawn a picture this morning that I hope will work as a rubber stamp so I can stamp the packaging for her entreprenuerial project. We've been dyeing bits of wool here and there for it. I can't wait to share it with you! I think it's going to be fun.

Today is R's birthday. There will be cake. I wish it were homemade, but I am sure that it will be tasty. There will also be strawberries. And ice cream.

Baby H will have a bath. V and I will choose a new chapter book to read. There will be Annie's Mac & Cheese for (her) lunch. I may work on a tiny bit of knitting I'm doing. I have a certain yarn and I want to see if I can do a certain thing with it. I just don't want to tell anyone what that is yet.

And that will be our day. 

Feels perfect to me.

And the baby awakes! Better go see what we can get up to...

The Misbehaver

I love my sneaky girl, even though the sneaking sometimes makes me crazy. She's quite the creative thinker, Miss V. Lately, she's been drawing pictures of her misadventures. Then she came up with a name for them, kind of like a comic strip: The Misbehaver. She is the title character.

This is all very tongue-in-cheek, a good-natured joke among us. V is a scamp, that's for sure, but she relishes her sneakiness and we support her outside the box thinking as much as we can, as long as it doesn't involve things like drawing with dry erase marker on the carpet (which fortunately cleans up easily), sprinking pink glitter all over the house (even in the beds), or sneaking honey from the honeybear while standing on the countertop. On those days, there's a little bit of trouble...

Here's Miss V's new tumblr - The Misbehaver. We hope you enjoy it!

Tummy time

V hated tummy time. Holden loves it, at least until he gets tired.

Holden's tummy time 001

The differences between our first baby and this one are striking. This one enjoys sleeping!

Holden's tummy time 002

We're having much fun getting to know this little one.

Holden's tummy time 003

Have a happy weekend!