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Happy Caturday!

Tummy time

V hated tummy time. Holden loves it, at least until he gets tired.

Holden's tummy time 001

The differences between our first baby and this one are striking. This one enjoys sleeping!

Holden's tummy time 002

We're having much fun getting to know this little one.

Holden's tummy time 003

Have a happy weekend!


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♥ him! he's soooo sweet!!!



~Have a lovely day!


Those eyes just melt me! How do you get anything done besides just look at him all day?

Paula Lauren Gibson/AfroPix

Love that last shot of V and H!!!!!


The first photo of Holden is adorable! They are all adorable, but there's something about the first one....

It's almost as if he's thinking "Again?! She's taking more photos? Why does she always have that box thing in her hand?"

I'm NOT complaining about the photos WE get to see. Just my interpretation of what H might be thinking :)


oh golly! tummy time has never been so cute!!

those eyes are so big and so blue... i could stare at him all day long!


Hooray for Holden, who likes to sleep!



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