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July 2012

It's the Summer of New!

Hello! I've got a new shop update coming this Thursday at 3pm Eastern! I'll have a few skeins of Muscadine Sock, but it's also the Summer of New!, which means 2 new yarn bases in this update.

I've got some gorgeous Julep Twist Sock, which is an MCN like Julep Sock, except in a 2-ply with a tight twist. It's squishy and wonderful!

Next shop update
I've also got some gorgeous camel and silk heavy laceweight I'm calling Jessamine Lace. It's supersoft and a beautiful natural tan color that dyes up deliciously.

I hope you'll join me!

Invisible kid's car

V has her own car now! Actually, she's had it for a while. It's an invisible kid's car. She keeps it on top of my car and when she wants to go out and do stuff, she just takes it down and takes off in it.

kids car

I have two pretty new fibers to play with. This one I'm calling Julep Twist Sock. It's MCN, like my Julep Sock, but with 2 sweet plies with lots of twist that plump up against each other when I dye them. 

julep twist

This one is the height of luxury. It's baby camel and silk. Not sure what to call it yet. It's a heavy laceweight, comes in this natural brown color, is so very soft, and is so rich when dyed. I can't wait for you to see them!

baby camel silk

My new hobby is doodling. I needed something fast and fun for the oh-so-brief moments of quiet I find these days.


What are you up to this summer? Anything fun? 

Rolling over

In the last week and a half, H has mastered rolling from back to stomach. At first, he would kick his leg out straight and arch his body, using his foot to pivot over. But then I got a handout on teaching baby to roll over. It says to bring their knees up, roll them to one side, and the top half of his body should follow.

Rolling over 001

Ever since I tried that with him, that's how he's been doing it. He loves tummy time and will roll onto his stomach every time I help him back onto his back.

Rolling over 002

What he doesn't like is that he can't roll from his stomach to his back. I've read that this is more of a 6-month-old baby move and H is just past 3 months. But don't tell him that - he gets really agitated that he can't do it himself. It's that shoulder. It's just too big to roll the rest of him over and he isn't strong enough to tuck it under.

This may be my favorite picture V has drawn yet. It's me and Holden.

Mom and Holden

I hope you have a happy Sunday - thanks for stopping by!

It's going to be awesome

This morning, V stamped 10 paper bags that we will use as packaging for her new Etsy shop. We got the best custom made stamp from Village Impressions. Anna-Mae was a pleasure to work with and I recommend her highly, should you need a stamp made.

Awesome Packaging

We still have much to do! The concept for the shop was all her idea, though I'm helping her refine things just a bit. She's been talking about having her own Etsy shop for 2 years now.

V starts first grade this year and we are homeschooling. This shop should be fun, definitely just a hobby for her, but also a learning experience. She won't do absolutely everything by herself, but I will help guide her until the day that she can.

More details to come!

Shop update on Tuesday

It's been a busy three months - H is 3 months old today! Time is flying!

I'm trying to get more on a schedule so that I can have more regular shop updates, about twice a month. The next one is tomorrow.

Next shop update
There will be some Muscadine, Julep, & Emeline Sock. I love these four colors together. Yum!

I've also been thinking about new yarn bases. I'll be getting four new bases tomorrow and dyeing them up through the rest of July and into August - I'm calling it the Summer of New! More on that later.