Rolling over
It's the Summer of New!

Invisible kid's car

V has her own car now! Actually, she's had it for a while. It's an invisible kid's car. She keeps it on top of my car and when she wants to go out and do stuff, she just takes it down and takes off in it.

kids car

I have two pretty new fibers to play with. This one I'm calling Julep Twist Sock. It's MCN, like my Julep Sock, but with 2 sweet plies with lots of twist that plump up against each other when I dye them. 

julep twist

This one is the height of luxury. It's baby camel and silk. Not sure what to call it yet. It's a heavy laceweight, comes in this natural brown color, is so very soft, and is so rich when dyed. I can't wait for you to see them!

baby camel silk

My new hobby is doodling. I needed something fast and fun for the oh-so-brief moments of quiet I find these days.


What are you up to this summer? Anything fun? 


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nice doodle!


V totally cracks me up!

rachel whetzel

I <3 that girl... We've been busy this summer... I helped get a farmer's market off the ground in my town, and we've been spending our afternoon's at the river... it's been good.


you are quite the talented doodler!

and miss v is completely awesome.

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