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Rolling over

In the last week and a half, H has mastered rolling from back to stomach. At first, he would kick his leg out straight and arch his body, using his foot to pivot over. But then I got a handout on teaching baby to roll over. It says to bring their knees up, roll them to one side, and the top half of his body should follow.

Rolling over 001

Ever since I tried that with him, that's how he's been doing it. He loves tummy time and will roll onto his stomach every time I help him back onto his back.

Rolling over 002

What he doesn't like is that he can't roll from his stomach to his back. I've read that this is more of a 6-month-old baby move and H is just past 3 months. But don't tell him that - he gets really agitated that he can't do it himself. It's that shoulder. It's just too big to roll the rest of him over and he isn't strong enough to tuck it under.

This may be my favorite picture V has drawn yet. It's me and Holden.

Mom and Holden

I hope you have a happy Sunday - thanks for stopping by!


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Look at those lovely eyes! He resembles V so much!


Sweet!..and the picture is AWESOME!

~Have a lovely day!


oh my - all the sweetness in this post!
first off - congrats to h for rolling over! what a grown up thing to do!

and that second photo is just the sweetest thing ever!
except perhaps for v's drawing of the two of you. love it. that's the sort of think you'll save forever.

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