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News flash: I just updated the shop with 10 colorways, so check it out!

There are some things I'm loving right now, so I thought I'd share.

Blissful Baby Balm from Wooly Moss Roots on Etsy. You can use it for diaper rash but I haven't had to do that. I have had to use it on little dry patches on Holden's arms and legs. A little baby eczema, I guess. Clears it right up!

I cast on for Tin Can Knits' Antler Hat this last weekend. I'm using a skein of my Philomath Worsted and I'm loving it. I've been working with sock yarn for a while, so the quickness of the worsted is fantastic fun. I've got my eye on a few more of their patterns too, especially Gramps!

Katharine Watson. Oh wow! She's good! She makes her own linoleum blocks and then prints cards and things from them. I love her bold, India-inspired designs. I really, really want her letterpress calendar for 2013. When I found her, I started at the beginning and read her entire blog over about a week. I love that she shares bits of her inspirations and process.

It looks like the Tooth Fairy will be able to visit our house any day now, so I got this wonderful, custom made cat tooth pillow for V from Hannalah Designs on Etsy. Kristy made it to look like our Russian Blue cat, Zasha, including a mixture of white and black whiskers just like our kitty! Kristy was super quick and really wonderful to work with as well.

Cat tooth pillow Cat tooth pillow back

And naptime! Can't buy that one on Etsy! Holden is the same as V - he'll only take really short naps unless I'm right there with him. Kind of works for me. Even though I'm sure I should be cooking or cleaning or dyeing; I get to have a little bit of quiet to think, bookended with baby snuggles. What could be better than that?

And you? What are you loving?


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goodness that is the cutest thing ever!

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