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October 2012

The boy of indeterminate eye color

Baby H was born with blue eyes, as was his sister. But it's obvious they aren't going to stay blue like hers. They're in the process of changing to whatever color they plan to be. I don't know their plan, but I wanted to try to capture them in photos in the middle of their magical change. Depending on what he's wearing, they look blue, dark brown, hazel, or Army green. I've been calling him The Boy of Indeterminate Eye Color.

The boy of indeterminate eye color 001

The Boy of Indeterminate Eye Color is teething.

The boy of indeterminate eye color collage

I'm knitting a hat for R. He has 2 hats I've knit him already. I only have one hat, but that's because I like to knit them a lot more than I like to wear them. It's from before I started dyeing yarn, so I might have to make myself one more hat because sometimes you need one, even if you don't like to wear them. V has more hats than I can shake a stick at.

Antler Hat WIP

This is the Antler Hat (Rav link) from Tin Can Knits. I am LOVING IT. The cables are fun and it's nice and manly, especially in this color. I'm using a skein of my Philomath Worsted in Cattail. I've got my fingers crossed that there will be enough left over to make Holden a matching hat, since this is the only skein I have. It came with a big knot in it, so I used it as a test skein when I was working on the Cattail colorway and I have been saving it for just the right pattern.

If you've been hankering for some hand-dyed worsted weight to make your own hats or scarves, I'll have some in my next update, to be announced...


Photo heavy

Today I took V to her art class and dropped her off. 

Dixie No 5

Then I drove Holden around while he slept. 

Born Again Thrift

We drove to Dallas, Georgia, where I promptly got lost for about 5 adventure-filled minutes.

Blue Chicken Auction

There's a fantastic mix of beautiful houses and other things that I find beautiful in their own way.


It was right around this point that I got lost and I needed to be back to pick V up in about 15 minutes.

Now Open

I remembered the road being a 2-way, but when I turned around to head back there was a point where the road separated and I had to pick one.

Pretty House

I picked one and then changed my mind. Turned around, picked the other. Decided that really wasn't right and went with my original choice. 

For Sale was a corner grocery

I was very happy to see things I recognized. I don't have GPS or anything, so really being lost would've been interesting.


This rose is in V's art teacher's yard. It was the last one. 

The Last Rose

And when V came out, she had made this wonderful self-portrait while I was away, using glue to make a relief.

V's self portrait

I need to have more adventures, even if they only last 45 minutes.

Absolutely perfect

Do you know what I love most about my camera lens? I love that it makes all the toys and things in the background of my photos just look so pretty instead of so messy.

Holden in Handknits 002

Do you know what else I love? Or who, rather. Meghan. She's a sweetheart. She so thoughtfully knitted this for baby Holden a while back with a skein of my Philomath Worsted, in my favorite color (Silver Screen). Is that too sweet or what?

She's a fantastic designer and has even more patterns on Ravelry, which you should check out. Especially if you love shawls.

Holden in Handknits 001

I love the xoxo motif on the sides of this little vest. And I absolutely love that she made it big enough so that it's just a tiny bit too big for him now that he's right at 6 months old. That means it'll be absolutely perfect for him for our Georgia fall and winter and he'll probably be able to wear it straight through to spring. And then I'm going to put it away and keep it until maybe one day when Holden's son will get to wear it.

Holden in Handknits 006

Knitters are wonderful and generous folks, I've learned.

Which reminds me, if you're a yarn dyer or any sort of maker whatsoever, and you feel you could use a pick-me-up, just give something away on a blog. Right now I'm giving away some yarn over on the Knitty Blog and the comments I'm reading are making me smile!

You can also check out the Small Things blog this weekend, where I'll be giving away a skein of Muscadine Sock for your autumn knitting pleasure.

In pattern news, there's a new crochet shawl pattern that was designed with 2 skeins of my Eulela DK. Shibaguyz used my Olivine colorway for Tiamat - very dramatic!

And last, but most definitely not least, one of my customers (hi K!) used some of my yarn for a test knit she was doing for Yarn Madness' brand new Dyning pattern. I was thrilled to see my yarn as one of the suggested yarns when the pattern was released! Madeleine is a new-to-me designer but I've already bought two of her patterns and I'm planning to knit them ASAP. Vinkel is a really cute sweater with an interesting design that I think will work great here in Georgia, where it's not always so cold, even in winter. And of course I had to get Dyning, which I'm thinking of knitting long enough for it to be a dress for Miss V, but we'll see when I get there.

In the meantime, I'm working on a hat for R and still trying to overcome my second sock syndrome on a pair of Nutkins! But what about you? Are you knitting anything fun this fall? Any new-to-you designers I should know about? Do tell!

Chicken Pot POW!!!

I've discovered there are many things I can do with a baby strapped to my chest. I can mail packages of yarn (as long as it's just one or two), put away laundry (if I must), type a blog post (Holden says to tell you gaga goo goo!) as long as there's music playing (Fleetwood Mac's Rumours is his current favorite), put skeins of yarn into water to soak (this is getting trickier), and cook some things, though I don't like to chop veggies with him on me. Knife + baby = nervous mama.

But one thing I absolutely can't do with H in the Baby Bjorn is make a pretty chicken pot pie.

In the Baby Bjorn

In recent episode of Wordgirl, The Butcher yells, "Chicken Pot POW!!!" while he hurls the pies at our heroes. That was a seed that grew in my family's mind, a desire for our own little chicken pot pow. When I found the recipe I wanted to use, all the reviews said to double the filling so it wouldn't be dry. So I did.

What I ended up with was enough for 2 pies because I had to use the deep dish frozen crusts since the store was out of the kind in a box that you roll out, which is what I had planned to use. The first pie was a wreck because I needed to get it in the oven during a time when my boy is really active and didn't want to be without me. I poured the filling in the pie pan and then flipped the other pie crust on top as best I could with a grabby baby wondering just what kind of interesting, good-smelling stuff this was!

I wanted to freeze the leftover filling for another time, but since there were potatoes in it, I was afraid they'd get yucky. So I made a second pie the next day. This time I had R here to hang out with Holden. I know I used to have a set of pretty leaf cookie cutters and have made at least one pie with a beautiful leaf-shaped crust. But they've been lost in one of our moves, so here's what I came up with.

Chicken Pot Clifford

Happy October! It's the first - so that means there are 15 days until the November Yarn Club closes. So check it out if you want in!