Absolutely perfect
The boy of indeterminate eye color

Photo heavy

Today I took V to her art class and dropped her off. 

Dixie No 5

Then I drove Holden around while he slept. 

Born Again Thrift

We drove to Dallas, Georgia, where I promptly got lost for about 5 adventure-filled minutes.

Blue Chicken Auction

There's a fantastic mix of beautiful houses and other things that I find beautiful in their own way.


It was right around this point that I got lost and I needed to be back to pick V up in about 15 minutes.

Now Open

I remembered the road being a 2-way, but when I turned around to head back there was a point where the road separated and I had to pick one.

Pretty House

I picked one and then changed my mind. Turned around, picked the other. Decided that really wasn't right and went with my original choice. 

For Sale was a corner grocery

I was very happy to see things I recognized. I don't have GPS or anything, so really being lost would've been interesting.


This rose is in V's art teacher's yard. It was the last one. 

The Last Rose

And when V came out, she had made this wonderful self-portrait while I was away, using glue to make a relief.

V's self portrait

I need to have more adventures, even if they only last 45 minutes.


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sounds like the perfect adventure to me!
was that gas pump still operational?!?! i haven't seen one like that in ages!

tell v. that i love her self portrait! she is an amazing artist!

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